Just to Celebrate…

the fact that I am feeling so greatly improved, Mark decided to celebrate!

Our snow has greatly diminished to the point there really isn’t much riding to be done in our neck of the woods.  Knowing that our snowmobiling days are numbered,  we thought we would take a drive to “The North Country” as the trails are still in very good condition. 

If you have read here for any length of time,  you will know that our family enjoys traveling to Lewis County, where not only snowmobiling, but also ATV riding is much more permissible than in any other area of New York State.  So, we headed off toward Barnes Corners this morning.

We were able to park in a restaurant parking lot right near the trail.  The day was mild with the temperature just above the freezing mark.  There was a brisk wind blowing, but the sunshine bathed everything and made the chill factor nearly imperceivable.

As we began our ride, we ran into some “snirt” (snow+dirt) but in was minimal.  Ben had gone off ahead of us as Mark often asks him to do, so he could check out the trail ahead.  Mark and I made our way down the beautiful trail.  We hadn’t gone out for more than ten minutes when a party of five snowmobilers came toward us from the opposite direction.  The leader of this group was a total idiot, flying past us so fast, he couldn’t even use hand signals to indicate sleds were following.  Mark and I were both appalled, but continued on.  As we drove along, Ben passed us coming from the opposite direction, but as there was no place to turn around, he continued on. 

Mark and I came to the intersection below and we awaited for Ben for a good ten minutes or so.  As we thought about the maniac that had passed us previously, we began to worry. What if he had turned around and smacked into Ben?

Mark urged me to follow him and we turned around to look for Ben.  We found him along the trail, along with two Sherriff deputies!  Ben was having some trouble starting his sled and the policemen were stopped nearby.  Finally, Ben got his sled turned over and we turned around and headed back on our way.

The trails are marked quite well…

The deputies passed us as we made our way along the trail and when we saw them parked up ahead, I pulled over and asked about the speed limit.  I told them about the maniac and they said they were looking for him….apparently his careless skills were already reported by someone else.   As we waved good-bye to the deputies, I was happy to know they were on the trails.  It is nice to know they are there to promote safety, even though they confided it wasn’t worth it to chase after the maniac with poor driving skills. I guess they knew that he was likely to come back down the trail later on…

The following are just random photos taken throughout the day.

The next photo shows just how deep the snow is in some places along the trail!

I am unsure what this tower is…Ben said it looks like an observatory.  I had thought it was a water tower, but there is no pipe up to the top.

Just a stone’s throw from the tower is the Montague Inn.  As you can see, there are more snowmobiling customers than otherwise! This is common anywhere there is a restaurant/bar along the trail system.

A treat riding this system is that one can ride right along the windfarm!

Views as we descended down into Lowville…

Where we live, it is fairly unusual to come anywhere too close to a town.  This trail, however, led right down into a parking lot in Lowville! There were a couple other “parking areas” for the town where snowmobilers could park and then walk into the town! We parked a few minutes and Ben walked on over to McDonald’s and got sandwiches for Mark and himself! As we left the parking lot, I just had to photograph this sign.  The sun was hitting it “just so” to cause a rainbow on it!

We drove back up the way we came down.  Interestingly enough,  the trail winds through a farm, right behind the barn!  There is a sign there remining folks to “Be quiet”!

We wanted to go down near Whetstone Gulf State Park, where we love to go camping in the summer.  The (secondary) trail we took was quite the ride….full of “whoops”!

And on and on we went.  We met up with this pair of folks.  Guess what?  This is a pair of (female and male) Sherriff’s deputies.  They were on the trail making sure no one was speeding or driving carelessly! Love it!

We drove on and on.  As we came to this sign,  it was a welcome sight,  signalling the fact that we were now entering territory near where we parked. 

We came back to the truck at about 4:45.  In the few hours we were out, we had clocked about eighty miles!  That is the most I have ever done in a day.  Not too bad for one who was so sick not too long ago!

I need to interject at this point that the first two sherriff deputies we met up with at about 11:30 in the morning were still out as we passed them at about 4:30 pm.  I can’t believe they spend their entire day onthe trail system, but it sure was nice to know they are there!

Our weather forecast is for warm air tomorrow with rain (perhaps lots of rain) and then colder air moving in on Sunday, changing to freezing rain, then snow.  Oh the joys of changeable weather this time of the year!