Quiet Thursday

Today, the kids had to go to Canandaigua for school.  Mark took them again, and again, I stayed home.  It was the first day that I stayed on my feet the entire day and worked around the house! 

When I say that it was quiet today, I mean really quiet! 

Last night, as I placed my head on the pillow, I could not help but wonder…..When will *it* start again? But, for the first time in a long time,  I did not cough until tears ran down my cheeks!  Nor did I gag or choke…It really was gone! I did awaken once during the night with a slight cough, but immediately fell back to sleep.  And what a lovely sleep it was!  I got in an entire eight hours.  That in and of itself is very unusual for me.  Ah, blessed sleep!

Today, I did four loads of laundry, folded them and put them away.  Don’t let all this activity fool you, though. When Mark and the kids arrived home again, I was pretty exhausted, but managed dinner.  And throughout the day, no more coughing!  I think it really is gone….for good!

Okay, enough about being sick!  I am so tired of thinking about it, so…

While I was lounging about, Mark and Ben were kind of busy!  They worked out in the garage a couple of days, building a headboard for Ben’s bed.  I was pretty impressed! It is just pine, but that was what Ben wanted, as his plan was to paint it black.

Ben wanted to paint all his furniture black with the thought that it will make his room appear bigger.

The bed is now all painted and I will be showing it sometime soon.  Although black seemed a bit much, I have to admit, the whole thing is looking pretty classy!  That headboard has a shelf and below, a door with a piano hinge…it swings down so Ben can store goodies and treasures in a very large space!  When he told me to come have a look at it when he had it hoisted in place one night,  I was shocked when he opened that door and pulled his electric guitar out!

Ben’s room really is a “work in progress”, but he is pretty happy and is certainly learning some really great carpentry skills!

Oh, and I cannot forget my deer!  The deer that I photographed yesterday was back again, munching and pawing around the same place.  I hurried and grabbed another apple and she once again happily accepted my gift!  I went upstairs and grabbed my camera, but the SD card was in the computer.  Being tired, I just couldn’t see myself making another trip upstairs, so I sat down and just observed!  That deer ate the apple, then lingered on and on for over an hour, staying not too far from the house!