Trying to Get Back into the Swing

I cannot believe that this cold-or-whatever is still hanging on a bit.  I have been feeling better and better, but come on!  It is so hard to stay upright the entire day and I usually end up lying down at least for a few minutes.  Last night, as soon as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, a nasty tickle triggered a gagging cough that finally settled down after about an hour!  I figured out that the quickest way to stop the tickle is to place a small piece of candy cane or peppermint candy between my teeth and cheek and let it slowly melt.  For some reason, this helps stop the coughing trigger!

Mark has been so great about taking the kids to and from school.  On the days they are gone, I have rested and just spent time trying not to get stressed.  The less stress, the less coughing. 

Yesterday, everyone was gone and I felt some better in the afternoon.  I decided to go downstairs and have a look.  As I looked out the French doors, I saw a deer pawing around in the snow not too far off.  I went outside and kept talking to the deer.  I needed firewood and I really didn’t want to frighten the pretty visitor.  Instead, she merely watched me.

I came back to the house with a bag full of firewood,  then I had an idea.  I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a banged and brusied apple.  Moving slowly and talking the entire time,  I gently raised my arm and lobbed the apple toward the deer.  It landed about six feet away and although looking like she was about to retreat, she suddenly stopped and her nose went into overdrive!

I stepped back inside the house and watched as the deer worked her way toward the red orb.  Finally, she reached it, bent down and began nibbling away! She worked awhile, slowly eating, until the apple got away and rolled on down a slope and into a drainage ditch.  I watched curiously as she worked to retrieve her juicy treat…

My little deer friend hung around for over an hour,  weaving her way back and forth across the woods until she finally disappeared.

Today, we had some more visitors.  I am wondering if the fact that they are wandering out of the woods means spring cannot be too far behind.

I remember the first time I saw wild turkeys as a young adult in my early twenties.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, so I asked my dad, “What are those Sci-fi looking birds?”  They really are strange looking.  Rather ugly as well.  Sorry Mr. Benjamin Franklin, but I am so glad the wild turkey was not chosen to be the national bird!

I was convinced that all the coughing I have done has really taken its toll on my well-being.  Today, I have barely coughed, so I am hoping that tonight, I will be able to fall asleep without the coughing, choking, gagging mode!