Snail Mail Game

Perhaps my less than cheerful self can be directly attributed to the fact that I have been feeling miserable for the past several days.  The one highlight of my day has been strolling down the driveway to not only get some fresh air, but also to retrieve the mail.  Some highlight, huh?

Yesterday, I was feeling some better, so when Mark asked if I wanted to go to Canandaigua, I jumped at the chance.  We went first to Woodville, as I was curious what it looked like.  (While I have been sick, our weather has gone from one extreme to the other! Last Friday, we received close to a foot of snow, while on Monday morning, I was awakened to the sound of drenching rain  hitting against the window!)

The Canandaigua trip was less than eventful….I would say I was fairly miserable, feeling weak when I went into a couple stores.  The trip home was good, as I was now longing to recline on the bed and just rest.  (Rest seems to be a vital part of recovery in this particular attack!)  As Mark prepared to pull into the driveway, I offered to get out to grab the mail from the mailbox.

As I opened the door, I was surprised to see a handful of mail!  I was elated…maybe there was some real mail from my friend Eunice, or a letter from my mom.  I hopped back into the truck and we went on up the driveway. 

This morning, I went through the large pile of mail, much to my chagrin!  Out of nine pieces, one was a bill, one a request from a customer, and the other seven pieces were all applications for charge cards!  Hello?  I suppose all these requests are sent because the companies know we pay our bills and have good credit.  So…do they actually think we don’t know how to apply for a credit card?  Mark received four of the apps, while I got three.

I opened up all the requests and looked at the pile of  wasted paper.  Suddenly, a thought came to mind.  I remembered hearing Andy Roonie once comment that folks might consider “returning” junk mail to the sender in the enclosed envelopes!  What a brilliant idea!

I carefully went through all the applications, removing Mark’s and my names and address….I even placed the outer envelope the entire shebang came in….

You have no idea how greatly reduced my pile of recyclable paper!  Of course, I’ll have to talk to Mark  and see what he says, but this little exercise made me feel better, at least!