Crawling out from the Blahs!

I decided to “go lie down” last Sunday after feeling terrible with a bad cold.  No big deal.  I figured I would feel better in a day or two. Or three. Four. Five. Six!

Today was the first day that I got up, dressed, and stayed awake almost the entire day.  Before this, I spent much of my time coughing to the point that I was sure I was choking.  If I didn’t lose weight from all the coughing I have done, I would be totally surprised.  My abs have definitely tightened up a bit with all the “activity”.

When I spoke to Carly on Friday evening, she wondered aloud if I might have Bronchitis. I discounted this, but as I thought about it the next day, I realized she might be right.  I have not felt this sick since before Ben was born.  I was sick an entire ten weeks before he was born.  He was taken C-Section, as I had a terrible pain in my side the day he was born; the doctors verified Ben was in distress and he was taken.  Poor fellow was feverish upon birth and needed to be cooled! Meanwhile,  I was being administered morphine and who knows what antibiotics.  It took a couple of days before I finally came round….(I shan’t go into how if I would have had an ounce of strength in my body at that time, I surely would have lobbed an object at the mouthy nurse who looked at my sorrowfull state and asked, Oh, a smoker?)

 I  began taking a round of antibiotics yesterday and the difference between “before and after” has been extreme and like day and night.  Although I have a ways to go, I am feeling some strength coming back into my body. Whereas each day last week it was a chore to rise off the bed to even use the bathroom, today I actually cooked a meal and made fresh rolls. 

Needless to say, it is good to be back amongst the living!

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  1. I am SO glad to hear that you are feeling better!!! I was beginning to get very worried about this sickness of yours…and I was wondering about bronchitis. Very happy to hear that you actually got up and moving around today. Try not to do too much too fast though. I did that last year when I had pneumonia…ended up with it in both lungs and I was down for several months. Not something I would wish on anybody. Feel better!!

  2. Carly told us that she suspected bronchitis–good call! Glad to hear that the meds. are working, ant that you’re starting to feel better. Take it easy today, and maybe you can enjoy tomorrow’s predicted sunshine.

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