Under the Weather!

In case you have wondered where I have been,  well…I picked up a nasty, rotten cold that has been messing with me! This is the first cold I have had in a very long time, and I think I would rather have three smaller colds than this one….Hopefully, I will be back soon with some photos! I tried taking a few pictures the other day, but they were terrible!

The good news is that I am beginning to recover.  I asked Mark to take me down to Subway this afternoon.  I got a sub with lots of extra tomatoes, thinking the vitamin C is just what I need to blow this thing away.  As we were coming home from Naples,  Mark drove through Woodville and there were hundreds (?) or thousands (?) of Coots swimming just where the ice stops on the lake. 

Hope everyone reading is doing well and that this cold doesn’t come near you or your loved ones!

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  1. Sorry to read, in yesterday’s FB post, that you’re sick. There are some nasty bugs floating around this winter. Hopefully you’ll be better soon, and that the rest of the family doesn’t catch your cold. Today’s sunshine, and the coots, must have helped you a bit. How could they not?
    Cy and I had lunch down by the bay, where I lost count of the swans after 99! Check them out next time you visit your mother-in-law!

  2. So sorry to read you are unwell. Rest well, and my love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

    From the photos — that is a lot of snow!
    [coming from someone where winter is 15-20C days…]

  3. Hope you are feeling better now.

    I wanted to ask you…is Mark related to Ann Marie C____ who went to high school with me? (I think it is the same spelling as your last name)

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