Why New Yorkers…

do not live in houses made of snow!

The weather here went “balmy” on us Thursday and Friday.  It was so warm, I was actually working outside with just a sweater on instead of a heavy jacket! 

Mark sadly watched as all of the wonderful snowmobiling snow evaporated or melted away….

Yesterday, I had planned to take a drive down to see my Amish friend, Eunice.  Mark decided he would like to go as well, so we left the kids at home to do some studying.  As we drove south of Naples, we were shocked to see several inches of snow remaining on the valley floor running down towards Bath.  Our snow had melted to the point that we could see grass and I even spotted crocuses or tulips poking through the soil in the garden.  Interesting!

The forecast for today called for scattered flurries…showers….whatever.  Last night, as I went to bed, the wind outside was so loud, it sounded as though it was mercilessly beating the house and everything else in its way! I awakened throughout the night to the sound of loud gusts. Our lights dimmed a bit at one point, but our electricity didn’t go out.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that hit me was that it seemed chilly in the house.  I hadn’t made a fire in the stove since yesterday morning, and when we went to bed, it was still warm.  This morning, however, it was cold! I got up and could see snow “pasted” all over the windows!

I went downstairs with the Scottie boys and was surprised to find about five inches of snow on the ground! The boys were not too interested in lingering outside, so I grabbed firestarting stuff and we headed inside!  The house didn’t want to warm up as quickly as usual, as the wind continued with us throughout the entire day.

Mark and Ben ran to Canandaigua at about 3 this afternoon, and Mark said the roads were not that good! I shoveled about a foot of snow off the sidewalk in front of the garage as well as the porches and ramp.  Wow! Where did all that snow come from, anyway?

I took another photo of Ben’s snow house (remains) from the ramp.

I also was able to (barely) capture a couple of photos of my little Murphy.  We let him off lead and he raced around the yard like a greyhound!

As you can see, the low undercarriage caused a bit of overworking the “engine”, causing the pink tongue to hang out!

Mark was only gone about three hours, and when he came home, he said the truck was sliding a bit on the pavement.  The roads in Canandaigua were “messy”, but downright “dangerous” in our neck of the woods!

A ood night to pick up a good book and snuggle!