Happy Birthday, Ben!

Yesterday was Ben’s day!  He has been suffering with a miserable cold, so perhaps it was not quite the day he had hoped for.  I do think he had an okay birthday, though!

Michelle has a bowling class at the local bowling alley in Canandaigua.  She had arranged for four of Ben’s friends to meet us at Tom Wahl’s for a little birthday celebration.  Ben was totally clueless about it, so it worked out well.  He most definitely was surprised!

My last post on this blog showed us traveling by snowmobile through blizzard-like conditions.  Yesterday, the weather was so warm…the snow is greatly diminishing!  We are supposed to have warm weather today and tomorrow, with the temperature dropping into the more seasonable (freezing!) range on Saturday. This is that weather rollercoaster that is so frustrating this time of the year!

Last night when we got home from Ben’s birthday to do,  he got a call from Kyle, his nephew.  The two young men chatted quite a while and when I went to look for Ben, I found him stretched out in a chair on top of his ice house!

Yes, that is the moon over Ben’s shoulder!  I should have grabbed a tripod, but I wasn’t sure how long the guys were going to talk!  I do think that after today’s warm temps, Ben shall not be sitting on top of that house anymore! 

Happy 16th birthday, Ben!

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