Precious Friendship

Since my friend Eunice is Amish, she doesn’t allow herself to be photographed.  She knows how much I love photography and I even gave her a photo of the tiny fawn I had found in the woods.  There was one moment during one of my visits when she looked so pretty with her sparkling white Kapp on her head and she leaned forward, bringing tiny baby Susanna up to her face.  At that time, Susanna didn’t weigh even four pounds, but her tiny face came almost nose to nose with her mama and her eyes focussed and studied Eunice. Oh, how I longed  to capture that moment, but it was not to be.  I would never ask Eunice to allow something she feels is wrong.

Having explained the above, I received a letter from Eunice last week.  I was so surprised, as we have not written to one another for awhile. We both knew she was going to be very busy with a new baby that had some catching up to do, as well as keeping up with a young man two years old! I do try to visit at least once a month….Eunice said in her letter to let her know when I am coming so she can have some snacks ready!

After finishing up her letter,  I turned it over, seeing something on the back.  Oh, how precious!!!

I guess if I cannot have a photo, a tracing of those little hands is really special! (Eunice was holding Baby Susanna on her arms, so her writing is a little hard to read)

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  1. Yes! I remember your telling me about that moment and how special it was for you. How wonderful that Eunice has recreated the moment for you on her drawing!!

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