Another Super Bowl…

Oh the excitement! I could hardly contain myself last night in a living room full of noisy kids and a television so loud,I was sure my hearing was going to be forever impaired!  In the midst of it all, I became so overcome with sleepiness, I drifted off for a few minutes.  Somehow, I have a terrible time watching such a slow moving game….

Yes, another Super Bowl and another party.  The snacks were pretty good.  It is fun talking to the kids, too.  So, would you like to see how my two creative kids prepared?  Okay, you needn’t twist my arm!

Michelle came up with a luscious confection.

And Ben built another one of his snow houses. This year, he really went to great heights! (literally!) This house is BIG and TALL!

Below are the details of the roof system…

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