What Lovely Weather for a Sled Ride!

As I said last night, we spent a few hours yesterday riding through Letchworth State Park and beyond!  It was so wonderful and I got some nice photos of Letchworth…

At the south end of the park, we decided to take a “trip”!

The trails of the Oatka Valley Snowmobile Club are fantastic!  The trail markers could not be any more explicit, and the grooming was out of this world! What a ride!

Now in the photo above, I had stopped to take Mark’s photo, and as I crossed the road, I noticed tire marks going across the road. Aha! No wonder the trails were so superb!

There were two fellows in the groomer and they looked like they were out enjoying the weather as much as we were! We passed them by and traveled on ungroomed trails that lead through many farm fields. They were awesome! We came to this crossroads and decided to go….where else?  Bliss!

Click on the photo below to see a HUGE wind farm! I don’t think I knew this existed, although we might have seen it in previous travels. There are lots of generators there!

After over 30 miles from where we began, we reached Bliss!

We only were there long enough to fill our gas tanks and then we were off again. It was getting a tad late in the afternoon and we didn’t have permits to ride Letchworth at night.  I sure would have to receive a citation for not having a sticker!

I don’t like taking photos of homes. I think it is kind of invasive, but!  This was a camper with a slideout that looked like someone lives in!  I was totally fascinated.  At the end of the camper was a large trailer for storage.  Outside that was a small wind generator with the fins going round and round!  I turned green with jealousy! I would love to live like that, but in a tiny house instead of a camper.  To be self-sufficient has been a dream of mine for a very long time.

Note the “big me” in the lower left hand corner of the above photo! hehehe

We got back to the truck shortly before 6:00 and Ben, Mark, and I were all so tired!  It takes a good half an hour to get the sleds on the trailer with their covers and fastening them on.  We stopped at McDonald’s for a quick bite and arrived home at nearly 9:00! 

What an awesome day this was to ride and we plan to revisit this area.  We have not seen such nice trails before and everyone was so friendly! 

Oh, and one aside….There are certain “signals” that are used on trails.  Usually, the front rider motions his hand up in the air, waving back and forth to signify more sleds following.  If the group is small,  the lead sledder might hold up fingers to say maybe “3” or “4” sleds following.   The riders in the center don’t need to use any signals, and the “last man out” is to raise his or her left fist in the air to signify such.

As Mark and Ben came down a rather steep slope,  I had stopped to take a photo at the top.  When I finished, I scrambled a bit to catch up. As I was reaching th bottom, there was a large area where Mark and Ben had stopped and were waiting for me. 

I came down off the slope just as what looked like five young men were going up the hill.  I raised my fist to signal I was “last man out” and to my total surprise, three of them leaned their sleds towrds mine and stretched their hands out to give me a “high five”!  The last guy tried to come close enough but just kind of waved. 

By the time I reached Mark and Ben, they were wide-eyed and laughing hysterically!  They had never seen anything quite like that before!  It was pretty awesome, and so far, everyone we talk to about sledding seems quite passionate about “their sport”!

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  1. How FUN! I want to go spend a day in “BLISS”!! Everyone should spend at least one day there…LOL!!

    Glad you had such a great day…Your experience with the five young men reminds me of when I am out scootering around up near the cottage and others have “tipped” their helmets at me! Don’t you love it??

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