A Wonderful Winter’s Day!

Late this morning,  Mark wondered if we would like to take a ride on the snowmobiles. Ben and I both thought this sounded like a great idea, whereas Michelle said she had allotted today to her college studies.

Mark, Ben, and I loaded everything into the truck and we went off to a park located several miles from home. When we arrived,  Mark took a spin around the parking lot in the truck.  He was less than impressed and as we saw cross country skiers going out onto the trail, we decided to leave.  Although there are many areas where snowmobiles must share the trails with skiers and the like,  these particular trails just looked too small to share!

Mark suggested we might take a ride to Letchworth again.  Ben was immediately on board with that idea.  I had so much “stuff” to do at home, but figured it would wait.  Beautiful blue skies and sunshine might not!

We cruised around Letchworth and even took a longe ride, but truth be told, I am too whipped to resize and upload photos!  I will do that tomorrow,  but in the meantime, here are some from around the house. 

Although those look very weird, the tracks are from Michelle venturing up to the swingset the other day.  After our little “meltdown” the other day, the tracks became distorted and I thought they look cool!

Now, if I told you today’s weather was bright and sunny, would you believe me?

As I was walking into the house after arriving home this evening,  I noticed the little solar light in the side yard. That first photo was taken with flash, showing how the lamp is “up to its neck” in snow.  I took a second photo without the flash just to show that we did indeed have sunshine here!

I must admit I removed the snow the other day that was on top of the light where the collector is located. My little light is so brave, shining like that!

I’ll post today’s ride tomorrow!