And Speaking of Birds…

Oh, wait a minute!  I wasn’t speaking of birds, was I?

Well, the night before last,  Murphy awakened me at midnight.  Thank heaven, this isn’t the ordinary, but bleary-eyed me crawled out of bed and leashed both Scottie boys up.  We stepped out the door and as we came to the stairs,  a bird suddenly flew up and onto the porch, right past my face!  I thought that was strange, but as we made our way to the bottom of the stairs, the bird swooped down off the porch, then flew upward, landing in a tree.  I thought this was very strange. Especially so since I had no idea whatsoever what type of bird was flying at such an hour!

Fast forward to this morning.  I went to look out the French doors this morning and was dumbfounded.  How on earth did a cat manage to climb up on the side of the swimming pool?  As I looked more closely, I realized the cat was not a cat,  but a small owl!

I told Michelle I looked online and discovered that owls are rather territorial.  Now I am wondering if the bird I saw the other night was this owl!  It was so hard to tell how large the bird was or its markings, as it was quite dark out.  The light didn’t reach that area on the porch. I am guessing, though, the mystery bird was this owl!

Unfortunately, the sky was still rather dark when the owl was discovered this morning, but I did take a photo later in the day of where it sat…

This evening as I took the Scotties out, I mentioned to Michelle that perhaps the owl thought the boys were rodents…that was all she needed to hear!  She accompanied us out with a large umbrella in her hands,  frightening the wee lads!

So, since I am on the subject of birds now,  here are some photos I took today while observing the “locals” at the feeder outside the window.

This last photo was not taken at the feeder, but on a tree near the house.  Although it isn’t such a great photo,  you can see how I noticed this woodpecker!  That red on the head is screaming scarlet! Known as a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, it takes little imagination to see how this species got its name!