Good Fun, Good Friend, Good Food!

Yesterday, I had a delightful day.  It all began fairly early as I dropped the kids off at school.  I had a few errands to run, so that was first on my list.  It was weird going into the store and not have to worry about the family or Scotties sitting and waiting in the truck.  Instead, I could wander around as much as I wanted without feeling uncomfortable!

After running my errands, I went and got a bagel to munch.  Since the Tim Horton store is located just a short distance from the lake,  I thought I would eat my bagel on the city pier.  I pulled the truck over and began eating when I spotted that Peregrine Falcon once again.  I dutifully set the bagel aside and hiked on over to see the bird again.  This time, however, I did have the telephoto lens on the Nikon!

If you click on the photo below, you can see that naughty raptor sticking his tongue out at me!

Try as I might, it was so hard to crop this photo so it wasn’t so gruesome. I wanted to show this particular photo as it is pretty good of his face.

Of course, there was the typical waterfowl….

and then some….

Of course I did try to get a closer photo of the heron, but when I got to where it was, it was gone.

The was a lot of activity on the lake, though.

There were also several ice fishermen with their little tentlike structures on the ice.  Seeing the great variety of things to do made me think there was a city on the ice!

I sat and looked through the numerous photos I had taken of the falcon and before I knew it, it was time to meet with my friend,   Jeanne! We met at a restaurant that is situated at the north end of the lake,  very near to Kershaw Park. 

Jeanne and I met and we chattered away, laughing and just having a great time! We ordered burgers, and they had to be some of the largest burgers I have ever seen!  What could be more fun than meeting up with a friend and just having some unrushed, fun conversation?  Well….

As we were getting ready to leave, Jeanne gave me the most beautifully wrapped gift!  She said to go ahead and open it when I got home.  Oh my goodness!!!!

Jeanne’s husband is a very talented woodworker and Jeanne gave me this beautiful Zebrawood candleholder he made! AND,  Jeanne made the adorable little card! Jeanne crafts all sorts of lovely cards…so creative! These treasures are being showcased on the table so everyone can see them!

What a fantastic day it was. It is like a breath of fresh air having a day with no great obligations or time constraints!

Jeanne, thank you once again!

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