Wonderful Wintry Canandaigua

The kids began classes at Finger Lakes Community College today.  Michelle is going to complete her final semester and Ben is taking another class.  It is hard to imagine Michelle finishing her second year this spring….where has the time gone?

Mark and I decided to spend the day in Canandaigua and I was pretty excited about doing so.  One of my friends, Kim, took a photo of Eagles sitting on the ice in Canandaigua, and I dreamed of having such good fortune of maybe seeing some myself.

Mark and I sat in the truck for awhile and then I decided to hop out and go for a walk.  I had tucked my telephoto lens in the truck with us, but when I left for a walk, I decided to leave it behind….the weather was spitting a rainy/snowy mix sporadically, and while I could safely zip the camera with a shorter lens in my jacket, that bulky telephoto would be impossible.  So, off I went….

The boathouses remind me of old westerns…what a ghost town, painted in gloom!

Good thing the buildings are painted in many colors! I think we need a little color on such a dismal day…

This string of broken balloons were snagged in a tree branch. They also added a little color to the day.

I do believe I captured a closeup of these dried up sunflowers when they were bright yellow in their glory, last summer.

One of my favorite modes of capturing photos is reflections off water.  I really like the way this turned out.

There were lots of Canada Geese out walking about on the ice close to shore.

There is an inlet of water between the marina and Kershaw Park where the water still is open and running.  The north end of the lake is frozen as far as the eye can see, except for where the water runs into it.  I had to walk over to the water’s edge to see quite a large flock of Mallard Ducks.

Wow, these Mallards were walking on the water!

I had never seen this monument before….

I watched the geese walking on the water and then something else caught my attention!  ***If you are squeamish, the next photo might be offensive!***

This “mystery” bird was enjoying a meal of fresh goose.  Even though I felt a bit grossed out, I just had to photograph the bird.  As I snapped away, it didn’t seem offended by my presence.  (Oh how I wished I had that telephoto lens! Drat!)

Eventually, the bird flew up into a nearby tree where it made some animated poses for me!

like scratching its face….

and then waving to me! (or was that a t-h-r-e-a-t!)

I took over 100 photos and was gone about a total of thirty minutes!  What a little adventure.

When we got back home tonight, after bemoaning leaving my telephoto lens (oh, and monopod, as well!) in the truck, I cropped the above photos some to have a good look at the mystery bird.  In looking through my Audubon book, I am pretty sure what I was seeing is the somewhat rare Peregrine Falcon.  The yellow strip above the beak, the yellow eyes, the black stripes across the breast all lead me to believe this was a Falcon!

Not too shabby!

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