The Weather IS the News

Yes, indeedy! We are having weather!

Yesterday afternoon, we trailered the snowmobiles to another snowbelt region a little more than an hour away, to our east.  Mark had called the trail coordinator and talked with him; it seemed the trails were in great condition.

We stopped at an orchard and bought a trail map so we were all set. The most unique part of this experience was that we could unload the sleds in a shopping plaza.  Before this, it seemed like the only places to unload were in the boonies. Right next to this plaza was a Pizza Hut, too.

We headed on out and had a short jaunt “over the river and through the woods”. After hitting one of the main corridors, the riding was awesome.  We passed scenery similar to the last ride and there were lots and lots of open fields.  I always enjoy reading the signs the local clubs install along the ride….Stay on the trail, or stay home!  and This is a privilege, not a right!

Just a few photos.

We rode a good distance bur something very strange happened for the first time to me on this ride.  My fingers and toes felt like they were frozen!  The hand warmers, which usually keep the digits toasty warm were failing me!  I was downright uncomfortable, but didn’t want to complain!

Along the trail, the map I bought split in half while Mark was looking at it, so when we passed by the orchard, I stopped to exchange it.  When I went inside, the man who was there earlier was not there.  I asked the lady there about trails and she said she doesn’t sled, so was clueless.  She mentioned the man who was there before had just left on his snowmobile, as he had to make an appearance at a sled party.  Then she said something curious! She told me he had waited as long as he felt comfortable in leaving as it is so very cold outside!

We went back to the truck and I helped Mark take off the snowmobile clothing while Ben loaded the sleds.  I helped Ben a little in securing the sleds and putting on their covers.  By the time Ben and I got into the truck, I felt so cold, I could hardly stand it.  I know I have been equally as cold before, but this was really, really on the verge of painful!

On the drive home, we stopped to grab supper and that helped warm things up a little. As we drove along, the temperature kept going down, down, down, to the point of -5 at home.  Oh, that was cold!

The last time I looked at the clock, the time read 8:46.  I awakened again at about 3:30.  Since I hadn’t loaded the stove before heading to bed, it was beginning to chill in the house.  I loaded the stove and then, instead of going to bed, I was up for the day.  Oh my!

The temperature did eventually bound up into the teens today.  Tomorrow, the temperature is forecast to climb above freezing.  Oh how fickle…New York weather is so amazing!

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  1. I cannot even believe that you guys were out on the sleds yesterday!! I took a trip to Michaels and almost froze to death…:))

    I would prefer it to be just a little bit on the warmer side!! Glad you guys had a good day of riding though!!

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