Late this morning, Mark and I went for a little ride.  Mark was wondering about some snowmobile trails near our house and wanted to check them out. 

We wound up wandering on over to Honeoye Lake and Mark decided to drive on down to the beach there.  As we drove along, we saw a spot of open water that looked loaded with Canada Geese.  They were everywhere, and many of them were sleeping. 

I had left the house in a bit of a fury.  I was not in a pleasant state of mind, merely because I felt somewhat overwhelmed by life.  Since I was feeling so miserable, I intentionally  (oh, I cannot believe I am admitting this!) left all photographic equipment at home.  Yup, I was in such a state of mind, I guess I decided to punish myself!

Fortunately, (or otherwise!) I just happened to have my cell phone on me, so ….

As I perused the huge flock, I spotted one bird that didn’t seem to quite fit in!

As I approached the side of the water, the scaredy Canadians made haste to leave the premises.  But notice the swan.

The swan just drifted along, preening itself, seemingly lost in deep concentration!

***Note to self: No matter what the frame of mind, take the blamed camera from now on!!!***

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