Today’s Ride

Cabin fever has flamed up rampant in our home.  Being stuck at home for a few days with the truck in disarray really strained things, if you know what I mean!

Mark has been wanting to load the snowmobiles on the trailer and head due north toward Lake Ontario.  He has talked about doing this for a long time, so this morning, he called the president of a snowmobile club there and was informed the trails are in great shape.  That was it!

We loaded up the snowmobiles and all our gear and were on our way!

Mark printed out maps of the trails and we made our way around fairly well. The trails were very nice; we met up with a groomer within five minutes of our ride! I had never seen a groomer live before.

Our ride included all sorts of scenery…we drove through orchards, woods, into a state park,  past a tiny campground, and even on the shoulders of some secondary roads. We were out for a few hours and it was certainly fun.  The strange thing is, though, one is surely warm enough while riding, but when one stops and goes inside a restaurant or other building, it is COLD!  Truth is, snowmobile gear is so well-insulated,  it can withstand some pretty chilly temperatures. When we stop, we always slip into other coats and we remove the cumbersome snowpants.  I guess that would explain it!

Here are photos of some views today.

Stopping to interject that Mark was in awe of this view! It is nearly impossible for him to travel here in the other seasons as this is a long hike from the parking area. He was thrilled to get a look at Lake Ontario from this vantage point. A real treat….

This ride was fun. There was so much to see and it really was a pretty nice day for it.  Personally, I really like riding in Allegany State Park better.  I guess I am just more attrated to secluded and rustic beauty!

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  1. @Chris..hehehe…*if* I was not so stubborn, (and CHEAP), I would take my Scotties to the groomer, to be sure! However, the groomer referred to in the post is that machine in the first photo. It is a large machine that pulls a flat…hmmm….whatchamacallit behind it, as in the second photo! It “grooms” the trail, making the surface smooth and more pleasant to ride. When I used to cross country ski, a similar machine was used, but set two tracks in the trails for skiing.

  2. So glad that Mark got to check out that view!! It really IS something!! Beautiful scenery out there…but COLD!! WAY too cold!! Great set of pics!!

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