Yesterday’s Cold is but a Memory

Yesterday morning, when I took the Scotties outside, one of the first things I noticed was that it was cold.  Not “just” cold, but more like bone-chilling cold!  The Scotties and I were out before daybreak. When the light of day began to unfold a new day, the temperature dropped even further!

Since the cold has no ill effects on me, I decided I would take my little camera and go for a walk.  The only thing that might impede such an adventure was the fact that I was heading up the hill.  This is not too much of a problem, albeit a very vigorous walk,  but yesterday’s temperature caused one’s nostrils to stick tightly against the septum in the event of inhaling through the nose too deeply!

I was able to get a few good shots and I will share them….

The hoarfrost coating everything was amazing.  The trees were still and everywhere I walked, it was silent.  It was so silent, it felt as though there was pressure against my eardrums.   As you can see, though, the sky was blue, and as the sunshine made its way over the hill,  the hoarfrost slowly began to recede, then faded entirely!

I slipped out last night to try to get a shot of the full moon.  It was so beautiful and the temperature once again made everything feel “frozen in time”…literally! This last shot is best viewed if you click on it to enlarge it.

Today was almost an entire opposite of yesterday.  I awakened to the sound of strong winds blowing.  When I looked at the thermometer on the front porch, I was in shock, as the temperature was over twenty degrees warmer than yesterday morning.

Our weather remained beautiful the entire day. We had blue skies, warm springlike conditions with the snowpack melting down to only a few inches.  While to our east, many were getting rain and sleet, we were precipitation free until this evening.

Tomorrow, the temperature will settle back down to below freezing once again and we will be back to winter mode!

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  1. Awesome pictures! I love it when frost covers everything and it’s so cold that the snow makes crunching sounds as you walk on it!

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