The Waiting Game!

Michelle had been invited to meet with friends this evening  so Mark, Ben, and I  ran to Canandaigua.  We picked up some dinner and then went to WalMart jus to bide some time.  It is incredible how slowly time can pass when one is in “waiting’ mode!

After spending considerable time in WalMart, Ben and I decided to have a look in Lowe’s. I have to smile when I go into this store, as it has a sizable “flock” living there!  The flock definitely leaves its mark there, too!

Yes, this store has a flock of birds that are self-feeders!  When Mark and I walked into the store a few days ago, the sound of chirping was somewhat alarming!  In the chill of winter, it really is unusual to hear such cheerful, chipper song!  I asked one of the employees about the birds and he said they are so annoying! He then went on to explain that the store cannot kill the birds and in order to evict them from the premises,  a great deal of effort would need to spent. The net result is that the birds stay!  He advised us the flock is over two dozen strong, and they do indeed breed while in such a warm and conducive environment!

Personally, I would think the birds would encourage folk to “think spring”  and I would put out all manner of spring items!  Plus, one cannot help but feel uplifted by the cheerful birdsong.  Well, I do, at least!

While we were out this evening, I heard at least three people complaining about the cold and snow falling.  As I have said previously, may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth before I complain about the winter!

As you can see, this day was so uneventful….rather dull, actually! So, before I go, I will have to show you the very cool app Mark installed on my phone…it tracks wherever I go, giving the local weather forecast.  Since it was chilly and snowing…

the snowflakes appear and eventually “pile up” on the phone!

Isn’t technology so much fun?

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  1. Wondering if I can get a cool weather app like that for my iPhone. I HATE birds inside. Love them outside, but get me where they can swoop at my head and I about freak out. I would imagine though these birds are used to people and being inside. I might not be bothered by them.
    When I worked at the warehouse, because we had food related open containers the warehouse mgr had a gun in his office to shoot any bird they couldn’t get out. Sure they would try to shoo them, but a lot of times they would make such a mess they would have to be shot.

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