Yes, I Have Not Been Posting

And there are definite reasons for that.  The main reason that comes to mind is the fact that I am tired of repulsive comments I must sort through (Akismet does collect them, but I still need to go through and see if any are real and valid) and also “peeping Toms”.

We have been so  busy, but what is new?  Michelle has been busy trying to get things together so she can transfer to a four-year school.  Hard to believe she is one semester shy of two years of college.  How did that happen?  Shortly before Christmas, she received a most glowing email from one of the admissions people at the college she really wants to attend.  She was advised one of the letters of recommendation from the community college professor was very highly recommending her and that she should be proud of herself.  Wow…all that from our little “homegrown” girl!

Ben completed his music theory class with an A-.  He was very happy, although a tad disappointed not to have gotten a perfect “A”!  Ben has also been a busy fellow helping Mark with building his bed in between school and catching up with friends.  We have also discovered Ben is a great snowmobile mechanic! Yes, he is a very busy young man! It is entertaining hearing Ben and Mark having a conversation about the current work they are doing….Ben seems to have inherited Mark’s mechanical engineering savvy! Mark’s dad and I used to jest that engineers have their own langage…anyone out of the “loop” just doesn’t seem to understand it!  Lucky Mark…both Michelle and Ben understand him, while I merely scratch my head and roll my eyes.  (When  I utter, I just don’t understand!,  Mark’s instant reply is, And proud of it!  Argh!)

Mark and I are snowed under with paperwork and all manner of “stuff”.  Does this burden ever seem to ease up at all?

  Mark is still trying to negotiate with the hospital bill our Amish friends are facing.  I am in awe of how Mark can not only think on his feet, but can also bring some poignant statements to the table regarding the massive bill this couple is faced with.  Noah has suggested the hospital doesn’t have a great deal of compassion and that seems like the understatement of the year.  Two things that keep troubling me are;  1.If the hospital cannot turn anyone away because they cannot pay the bill, then how can they even allow people to come through their doors without some manner/form of insurance?   2.  Why does the hospital believe these people have some endless source of money/income hidden away somewhere?  This has annoyed me so much, I often get really worked up by it and then must remind myself that God is in control…..not the hospital, not me!  Prayers are appreciated!

Here are some random photos taken with the Panny….

And a couple from the Nikon…

Well, that is enough for now. We are getting some real  snow!  Hopefully, some photos tomorrow!