A (very) Quiet New Year’s Eve

Well, it was *kinda* quiet!

Actually, the noise was from the Canada Geese!…okay, I’ll explain!

The kids were happy to get home on Thursday evening from our little vacation, as they were attending a New Year’s Eve party with their friends over in Middlesex.  They met at the church and hung out there, watching videos and playing games.

Mark and I dropped the kids off and then headed on up to Canandaigua. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, but we thought about eating out.  Mark mentioned a fish fry since it was Friday night.  We thought about one place a neighbor had highly recommended….after attempting their number several times and getting a message the number is no longer in service, we gave up.

Mark pulled out his computer and looked at a site that gives information about “the best fish fries in the Finger Lakes”. Well, one of the other businesses listed is being sold becaused it was closed down for tax evasion.  (I later looked online and I think the business mentioned above was also closed because of tax evasion. Gads, not so good for a city as small as Canandaigua!)

Mark found another business mentioned a few miles north of Canandaigua.  I told him I would be up for a little ride.  In looking online for information, a news story came up that the owner of that establishment was charged with theft. The business is no longer in business!

Back online again, Mark found a small bar listed, so he called and ordered two takeout fish fries. They were ready in about half an hour and I hopped inside to pick them up.  The decor inside was not exactly great….it was rather austere, but at least it was still in business!

Mark and I went down by the lake and parked the truck.  The little Scottie boys were with us and I was happy eating in the cozy atmosphere of our truck.  The weather was crazy warm…a sweater would have sufficed for being outside!  Mark rolled the window down for a few minutes and all we heard was loud honking from the lake.  Mark turned on the headlights momentarily, and the “reflective” white rumps on the geese gave them away!

The fish fries were good.  That was a big plus!

Here is a photo of our view….

If you click to enlarge this, you can (barely) make out the American flag flying in the center of the photo.

It was so pleasant just eating and relaxing in the confines of the truck.  The lapping water, squawking geese, and lack of time restraints made this time so precious!  This doesn’t happen often and I treasure moments like this when there are no demands and no contention, just peacefullness!

We left our pleasant surroundings around 10:45 to pick Michelle up at the church.  Ben spent the night, along with several other young men…I think they were up all night; we picked Ben up on New Year’s Day and he was pretty sleepy, indeed!