Allegany Adventure continued

 First of all,  Happy New Year!  to all my friends and family.   May this be a year filled with goodness for you all!

Even though it was terribly awkward taking pictures while snowmobiling, I did manage to take more than I had thought!

Thursday was our last day at the park.  When we awakened, we were shocked at how cold it was outside!  Everything was covered in a pretty substantial frost, and as we walked to the restrooms, the snow made that unmistakably “yesitissocoldthe snowis CRUNCHINGunderourfeet” sound! Cold or not,  Mark wanted to make the most of our last day out.  We were off before 8 am!

Funny, but for all the photos I took, I didn’t get one of our cabin!  I took a couple inside the cabin, but none outside! This photo was of the sky, but the cabin in the photo was directly across from us and was exactly like ours.  We had chosen a handicap-accessible cabin and it was so nice.  Mark could roll the wheelchair right in from outside and onto the concrete floor!  The floor bothered me…it was so cold and sterile, but we never had to worry about tracking snow across it!

The kids had pulled a huge icicle off the side of the cabin. It was at least three feet long! Ben placed it, pointed end up in a snowbank just outside the door!

There was an area near a picnic location with a big open hill.  It looked like many people had played on their snowmobiles there, and Ben and Mark had previosly checked it out.  Mark encouraged me to have a look and the view of the enchanted Mountains was….well, I guess the word would have to be awesome.

Since the windshield is more of  device to direct airflow over my head than to actually *see* through, this crazy frost didn’t bother my vision.  But, you can see how cold it really was!

No picnicking any time soon….

We came to the conclusion that when the groomer does up the trails, he or she must usher snow into the covered bridge as the base was really thick!

Okay, so you have seen ho much fun we have had, riding at the park.  It was astronomical!  I cannot remember when I have enjoyed anything so much.  But I love the winter!  Being out in the cold is of no consequence in snowmobile clothes, either.  Several times, I unzipped the front zipper on my jacket as I was getting too warm.  However…….

being a bit claustraphobic, it took a great deal of courage on my part to realize I was not going to stop breathing by placing all this gear on my head!!! I actually breathed through my mouth, every now and then gasping. When it warmed up, I would also uncover my nose and that felt so good!


I miss the park. I love living rustically, but I must admit, I did miss my computer time!  I wish we could find a property in the snowbelt and build a simple cabin there.  The kids loved snowmobiling as much as Mark and I did! We traveled to a small town about 9 miles from our cabin for gas and oil on Thursday. Since Mark’s sled is a two-up, I rode on the back on the way to the town and Michelle rode on the back on the return trip. 

In case I haven’t mentioned it, this snowmobiling s such good clean fun!

Our Allegany Adventure

I was hoping to get these photos edited and posted earlier, but when I got out of bed in the morning,  I was greeted by mounds of dirty laundry that would drive me to distraction if I left them!  Michelle was busy making goodies for a New Year’s Eve party, so she was predisposed.  So, I washed, dried, and folded seven loads of laundry today.  And, the psad part is that I had all of the laundry caught up before we left on our adventure!

Tonight, while Michelle and Ben were at their party, Mark and I sat lakeside in Canandaigua and I went through my photos.  I had to resize them before uploading them.  As I looked at the images, I realized this is going to have to be two posts!  I just had to show so many pictures!

This is the administration building where we signed in for our cabin and received the key.

We immediately went to the cabin and Ben and Mark worked to unload the sleds.  As soon as they were off the trailer, Mark and Ben were ready to ride!  They asked me to go along and Michelle urged me to do so, saying she and the Scotties would bring in our belongings and arrange everything!

The following photos were all taken from the snowmobile.  As I mentioned previously, it is hard to take photos on a snowmobile, particularly when riding with others!  In the time it takes to remove gloves and fish the camera from my pocket,  Mark and Ben could be in the next county! (Well, slight exaggeration!)

Our snow amount was so puny compared with this! 

The park has about 75 miles of trails, so map reading skills are mandatory.  Good thing Mark and Ben can read maps!

One of the most fascinating things about riding the snowmobiles is that Mark is able to see areas and places he could never see firsthand.  There are just so many places a wheelchair cannot travel. 

Allegany State Park has about 350 cabins in the park and we were able to pass by many of them! (Most are open in the summer camping season, although many are equipped with propane heat or woodstoves for winter camping)

While many of the woodland trails are fairly narrow, the park closes some of the roads in the winter, allowing snowmobile travel over them.  They are glorious and so much fun to ride!

The little yellow sign was posted warning of a steep hill ahead. Mark waited while Ben rode the hill to see if it might be too steep for Mark and me to pass.  Thankfully, it was not and we whizzed right on up!

We came upon an area called Thunder Rocks.  The rocks…ummm….boulders!….are huge. I think some are nearly as large as our house.  This is another place Mark has never seen, as access is limited for those with wheelchairs.

Mark and Ben went ahead of me and I found them hiding beneath a giant rock!

Here you can see this “rock” stands pretty tall!

On the path once again, we came across a stand of trees that resembled spines…the snow looked like vertebrae!

The last few photos were taken as the day was drawing to a close.  This ride was so exhilerating.  At this point, we were high up on a mountain, looking down.  It was so very beautiful! These are called the Enchanted Mountains and they certainly are enchanting!

When I looked down the trail and saw that straight line, I felt my knees getting shaky!  Fortunately, that was only a gas pipeline, and the trail veered off to the left!

I am going to end this here for now and will post my last pictures later!