Funny How Things Sometimes End Up

We have spent so much time and energy (to say nothing of gas!) traipsing about, trying to find the ultimate snowmobile clothing.  Well, maybe not the ultimate….but rather, sufficient!

Today, Ben, Mark, and I headed out to look at the small shop we visited earlier this week.  We also took Angus along, thinking the wee lad might just enjoy his 8th birthday out for a ride! Michelle stayed home to study for her finals and Murphy stayed with her.  I really think Angus felt pampered, not being troubled by the younger Scot. No competition for treats, or attention, doncha know!

As we were making our way toward Buffalo today, I mentioned the shop located just about twelve miles from our house.  Mark said that when he looked at a Canadian site that sells snowmobile clothing in the US,  this particular store was mentioned as a retailer.  Mark swung on over to the store and Ben and I rushed inside for a fact-finding tour.  I saw some interesting outfits, but we were in a hurry to get to the other store.  Mark said he would stop back after we went to the first store.

I had gotten a pair of pink and black snowmobile pants the last time we went to this store and Ben and Mark found some good ones for themselves today.  That was a relief, but we still needed some more clothing! Ben was set with a coat, as when we bought the snowmobile for me, the fellow threw in a beautiful jacket, helmet, and gloves.

We finished up at the first store, then made our way toward home again. We stopped at the store and I think I fell in love!!!

We have lived here for eighteen years. We have passed by The Outdoor Store so many, many times!  The sign says it is one of (or maybe the largest)  Carhartt dealer in the US.  Since I have never been interested in Carhartts,  I never bothered to look inside.

I took this photo after we had been inside the store well over an hour….it got dark out while we were inside!  Anyway, The Outdoor Store offers a whole lot more than just Carhartts!  It is jam-packed with all sorts of unique gifts! I love this store!

I did also take a couple of photos of an interesting display outside the store before we went inside.  This is one of the most awesome “recycling” projects I have ever seen!

I dunno…maybe it was his blue eyes that caught my own. I just this is so clever.

I did wind up getting a jacket that matches the pants I got.  I am pretty well set for our outings now!

The weather was a little “blurpy” today. While we have been getting some well-below-zero weather lately, today’s weather was well above freezing, turning our snow into mushy, soft snow! Not to fear, though.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for more really cold weather!

Chris in Scotland asked what our temperatures have been like and on Monday, our temperatures are supposed to be -8C for a high, with -11C for the low. Pretty chilly for this time of the year.  Our average is supposed to be more like today’s above 0C temps. Matters not to me…I now have very warm pants and jacket!

December Skies

Each day, our temperatures seem to be bottoming out lower and lower.  This is scary for those with meager income…I cannot imagine living without our wonderful woodstove, but I know many folks cannot have a stove or are shivering in their homes, unwilling to turn the thermostat up.

While the cold can present some problems, it has made the atmospheric conditions perfect for photographs!

These photos were taken mostly this morning with the exception of the sunset this afternoon.

A Run to Snow Country

 Everyone who lives in or near New York State knows that Buffalo(and points south)  have always been considered the “armpit of the state” when it comes to winter weather.(Snow. Snow. Snow!)  I will never forget when I worked in New York City.  One day, my boss called me into his office.  Fearfully wondering what I did wrong, I walked into the office only to have my boss roar with laughter as he related a story he heard on the news the night before.  It seems the City of Buffalo was sending their copious amounts of snow by railway to my hometown to dump into the Chadakoin River.

The reason Buffalo is the brunt of many a joke is because it sits on Lake Erie.  As the cold northwest winds blow in from Canada,  moisture is picked up passing over the lake  and then drops down on Buffalo and the Southtowns in the form of snow.  It isn’t a mystery and it usually is a pretty sure thing in the winter.

Mark found a(nother) snowmobile that was for sale in “Snow Country”, so yesterday we took a ride to pick it up.  We now have three sleds that cost less than one brand new one would run. 

I took a few photos along the way…some out of the window, and some more out and about.  As you will see, the snow offers such a wonderful backdrop!


How’s that for a title?  Let me tell you, that is precisely how life feels right now.  Every day, it seems there is some new plot/ploy/scheme in which I am conned into playing!  Well, it isn’t that bad, really, as it sure beats sitting around like a couch tater!

Yesterday afternoon, I got to meet in person a blog friend who lives not too far from my home!  We got together at one of her favorite places to eat, called Simply Crepes. 

 I was about ten minutes late for our one o’clock meet, but let me tell you, Jeanne and I chatted away like we’ve known each other for ages!  We giggled and laughed and ate the most incredibly delicious crepes!

Jeanne selected a tasty-looking Thai Beef Crepe….

While I opted for (yeah, Mrs. Spicy….that’s me!) a Buffalo chicken crepe.  It was fabulous! Mmmm!

I love the decor in this store. I am always trying to do the umexpected when it comes to decor.  For me to walk into a room full of furniture in which everything matches perfectly,  I feel like I am in a showroom.  I *like* mismatched pieces and feel much more at home with styles and designs that might just contradict one another.  (I am sure there must be a test somewhere that would analyze such characteristics!)  When I looked up and saw crossbraces supporting the floor above the ceiling with chandeliers hanging below,  I really, really liked this place!

A cozy mantel, complete with  fireplace just added so much to the atmosphere!

I love the red and gold Christmas theme placed on the mantle as well!

Our waitress was a delight. She was amazed Jeanne and I were meeting for the first time and she laughed and had fun right along with us! Now, where might the photo of Jeanne and me be? Oops! For that, you need to take a peek at Jeanne’s blog ! Yes, although I had my Nikon with me, Jeanne was more forward thinking in having our very accommodating waitress snap a shot of the two of us!

This meeting was such a treat!  Jeanne was the same in person as she is in her blog….a personable, caring, sharing person!  And the best part?  Well…this just might become a tradition!

Scenes from the Truck Today

This afternoon, we left home-sweet-home to do a few running around chores.  Those chores were all to the north of us and while we (argh!) live two miles from a ski area and have been getting no snow, we certainly saw some today!

These photos, save the very last one, were all taken as we drove westward from Palmyra towards Rochester along Route 31. 

That last photo was taken at a plaza where we stopped. As you can see, the snow was falling at a pretty healthy rate! I think Mark was grateful to arrive home safely from our journey…the major roads were snow-covered and people were driving very slowly except for the crazies that came flying past every now and then, looking like the pavement was clear and dry!

I was very happy to walk into a warm and cozy house. I will never tire of our fantastic woodstove!

My, How the Winds do Howl!

Well, once again, I am in a rather “stale” mode; or is that “stall”?  I’ve not been inspired to take any photos the past couple of days.  Today, however, I did have somewhat of an excuse. The wind has been howling mercilessly the entire day…I am convinced that were I to take a camera out in this, it would either shake so badly, all my images would be grossly distorted, or, (worse scenario) the camera would sail right out of my grip and fly into the atmosphere!

Today was a very boring day with the highlights being the food we consumed.  And it was not all that exciting!

My Amish friends have been on my mind a lot the past couple of days.  They are being faced with some whopping big bills from their little Susanna’s birth.  Since the Amish do not subscribe to insurance,  the price tag seems a bit insurmountable in my book.  If you are inclined, please keep my friend’s family in your prayers.  I know they are greatly appreciated!

Hopefully I will be getting out and doing some photos again soon.  My poor trigger finger is itching badly!

A Ride Back in Time

No, I’m not in possession of a time machine or any such thing, but when I visit my Amish friend, Eunice, I feel as though I am going back in time!

Although I don’t have any really interesting photos from today, I like this one.

These tiny pines were nearly covered up under a blanket of snow!

I drove on down to visit with Eunice and was surprised to see that tiny little Susanna who began life weighing only one pound, fourteen ounces, is now a hefty six pounds!  The wee little lass is now the size of many newborns!  She is really beginning to grow like crazy and Eunice said the public health nurse said she no longer deems it necessary for home visits to see Susanna’s progress!

Eunice and I visited and chattered  while her fifteen-year-old sister-in-law did the family’s laundry, washed dishes, and swept the floor.  She was so incredible, silently performing the tasks at hand with no hesitation and an ease that would convince an observer she had been doing such work all her life.  I am sure Eunice takes great comfort having another set of hands around to help with not only the baby, but two-year-old Chris as well.  Her sister-in-law lives with her parents a short distance from Eunice and Noah’s house.

We had such a nice visit and Eunice confided that were she to have a vehicle (which would never happen as the Amish cannot own a vehicle) she would get out more often!

I So Love December!

I know many folks suffer from depression during the winter months when daylight and sunshine are at a premium, but I find myself envigorated, regenerated,  and just feeling so good.  The short days don’t bother me and when the darkness creeps in earlier and earlier in the day,  to me, it almost feels like a cozy warm blanket covering me, making me feel snuggly and satisfied.  I find no sense of guilt putting my labors to rest earlier than in the long days of summer.

This morning, as we drove Michelle to school,  we had to stop at the other end of our road.  Sometimes photography is mandatory, after all!

The beauty of such a sunrise just speaks volumes to me of a Creator who delights his creation with colors and textures to excite one’s very soul.

Mark and I dropped Michelle off at school, then I had to run into Lowe’s to grab a paint pad. I smiled as I saw their offerings of snowblowers all lined up in front of the store.

Mark suddenly felt an urgency to head on home. The small amount of snow we have received has excited him to no end,  making him feel  anxious to ride those new snowmobiles.  So anxious, as a matter of fact, he talked me into climbing on board and taking the sled for a spin around the yard! It was truly fun, but I was so unprepared, wearing a skirt and no hat or gloves! (What must the neighbors have thought?…..Aw, who cares, anyway? )

After my maiden voyage on the sled, Ben got his turn.  Being 100% boy, Ben loved riding the machine and within just a short time,  looked as though he had been riding for a long time!

Michelle advised me the above should be our Chistmas card this year!

Well, here is to more snow and more fun in the snow!  We cannot ride the snowmobile trails in New York state until after December 20, when hunting season ends.  Not wishing to hurry time any faster than it naturally flows,  I must admit I am a little excited myself.  We plan to join a local club and go on rides with other folks from the area.