A-Camping We Did Go!

When I told Mark it was possible to rent cabins at Allegany State Park in the winter, he simply thought I had “lost it”!  Who ever heard of renting cabins for camping in the winter?  Well, he did check it out and found out I was right!

To be very frank, I often miss the area where I grew up and lived earlier in my life.  I miss many things sometimes, but the one big thing I miss is real winters!  I remember as a kid being able to walk up high on snowbanks and even touching the roofs of garages!  Growing up in the snowbelt meant there was a fairly good chance of having some fun in the snow.  Where we live now, we really lack snow.

Mark had been in touch with Allegany State Park for a few days, inquiring about conditions for snowmobiling.  The park has miles and miles of fabulous trails to ride in the winter!  The area received a good snowfall and we were told conditions were great for riding.  That was all Mark needed to hear….

We packed up some things on Monday and left on Tuesday for our adventure! We had no idea what the cabin we were renting was like.  We brought along basics, but didn’t bother to take a lot of food.

We arrived at the park  on Tuesday afternoon and Mark, Ben, and I went out riding the trails while Michelle hung out at the cabin with the Scotties, setting everything up.  The trails were awesome!

I am not going to say anything more tonight, except that we had such a great time. I cannot think of many ways to spend time as a family that are this much fun!  Overall, I think we would all give this adventure a thumbs-up!

I will try to get some photos up tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it is tough to take photos while snowmobiling.  Stopping on a trail and fumbling with taking off gloves and fishing the camera from my coat pocket takes too long!  Everyone gets way ahead of me, then when they realize I am missing,  they either send someone back to find me, or just sit and wait…

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