Dashing Through a Winter Wonderland!

Yesterday, we (finally) were able to load up our three sleds on the trailer and head on out to snow country!  Mark had made several phone calls to officers of the various snowmobile clubs in our area, looking for the best trail conditions. It seemed like everyone was all on the same page as to where the best snowmobiling was, so off we went!

Since Mark is comfortable pulling our 25′ trailer in the summer, a 14′ trailer with three snowmobiles wasn’t much of a challenge….the roads were clear and conditions were fabulous! Here are a few photos I took.

As you can see by the lighting in the above photo, it was a “very” gray day! Mark sent the kids and I out on the sleds to see if we thought he would be able to ride comfortably.  Since riding trails is a new adventure for our family, we were unsure about what to expect!

New York State charges a somewhat hefty sum to register a snowmobile in the state.  If one wants to ride trails, the machines must be registered.  However, if a person or persons (as in the case of a family) join(s) a local snowmobile club,  then the registration fee is greatly reduced.  The price for joining a club is rather minimal and the benefits are nice.  Being in a club means there are events and rides throughout the season.  The local clubs maintain all the trails in their region, signing them and grooming them.  The state then administers monies to the clubs. This all boils down to some really great riding, not only for individuals, but for families as well. Talk about good clean fun!

When the kids and I came back, we were sure Mark could easily ride the trails, so we helped him get suited up and he was ready to go.  Now, we were uncertain about Michelle….she never enjoyed our ATV rides.  She always declined riding the trails with us.

After Mark got on his snowmobile and was ready to ride,  I thought I would ride with him and Ben. Michelle immediately proclaimed that she wanted to ride again!  I was shocked!  And happy! We found a fun sport we can all do together!

Mark’s sled is a “two-up” meaning it accommodates a driver and rider.  Since this was his first trip out with the sled on a trail, he soloed, so I remained behind in the truck.

Mark and the kids were gone for over an hour and they had a great time traveling the trails.

Since this is all new to us, we were wanting to load up before dark just to make sure we knew what we were doing.  Ben loaded the sleds on and he and I secured them and put on their covers.  Ben was fantastic!  He is a great worker and he did such a good job with little help from me.

We headed into the little town of Marion.  We were all starving, but not too sure where to go.  Mark suggested we head to Newark, where there was a WalMart Superstore.  He figured there would also be more stores there as well.  We began our trip, following the GPS.

We made turns onto little roads here and there, when…..

We came upon this.  Although you can barely see it, there was a train stopped….dead on the tracks!  We sat there for several minutes, wondering what to do!  Finally, I got out and directed Mark in the dark to get the truck and trailer turned around.  We had just turned when a car came up to the tracks.  Mark opened his window and the driver stopped.  Mark told him the train was dead and he told us he was heading to Newark as well!  He told us to follow him and he would lead us to the road where the WalMart was located.

We followed and reached the store.  I told Mark I would survery their offerings and see if I might scrounge up a supper.  BINGO!  I came out a little later with a Lemon Pepper Rotisserie Chicken,  macaroni salad, a loaf of fresh Italian bread and salad!  Since the truck is quite roomy, we all rather enjoyed “dining in”!  It was so cozy as snowflakes flew outside and the winds blew!  We were so snug inside!

After our satisfying meal, we were off towards home!  We did have to stop for a brief photo op, though. Along the Erie Canal in Newark, there was a great display of animated Christmas figures!

These toy soldiers looked as though they were marching up the hill!

The rotor atop Santa’s helicopter looked like it was spinning!

These little elves looked like they were loading toys into a sleigh!

The animated displays were cute, but the Christmas lights on a bridge above the canal were so pretty!

It was incredible how warm we all were as we snowmobiled, but it was frigid outside!

We got home around 9 and I think everyone was sound asleep by 11! What an awesome day this turned out to be.  I am so looking forward to more fun with the kids this winter!  Oh, and yes, the Scotties were with us on our day out.  They are so happy to be in the truck and they think of it as their second home!