Are You Planning to View the Lunar Eclipse?

While Ben enjoyed a dip in the hot tub earlier this evening, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the moon is in the sky!

I took that photo not too long ago, and now the skies are totally overcast with light snowfall.  We are due to see the eclipse here on the east coast at approximately 2:45 am,  according to what I read.  I hope the sky clears up before then!

In the meantime, here is a look at the wreath on our front door with the lights shining on it.  I love the bell wreath inside the green one….I wanted to capture the way the bells sparkle, but that is a pretty tough task!  The light plays off the glitter on the bells and it is so very, very pretty!

Totally defying the cold temperatures outside, the home fires keep burning, heating the house very snuggly!

Did I say snuggly?  A few times, I have propped open the window in temperatures that would kill a person were they left outside with no means of keeping warm!  I have been sleeping in my summer jammies, too!

Last week, while popping into Aldi for a couple things,  I caught one of their too-good-to-miss deals! (again!)  The store sells six long stem roses for $3.99 all the time.  But on the day I was there, the roses were marked 1/2 off!   I bought a DOZEN long-stemmed red roses for $4.99!  I went on over to WalMart and found a big bouquet of carnations for $10.00. I added some greenery for $5.00. The $18.99 result?

This bouquet is huge! I am enjoying it so much and Mark and the kids even mentioned how pretty it is and how nice the spicy carnations smell! I used a teapot the kids bought a couple of years ago for the vase.

Sorry about my long leaves lately.  There is just so very much happening and it seems the harder I run, the more behind I fall….kinda reminds me of the Amish saying,  “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get”…..

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  1. Erin is with us tonight. The past few days have been so crazy, and our skies are so cloudy, that I think the eclipse will have to do its thing without my supervision tonight. Maybe next time I’ll have the energy to stay up, or get up, to view it, but its on its own this year.
    I plan to be tucked snugly into my bed long before the eclipse reaches its peak.

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