Here’s a Question for my Fellow Bloggers….

Lately, it seems I am getting more and more spam comments coming in.  I also am deleting several “users” each day. Does anyone have any idea how to end this waste of time editing?  I just went through 109 ridiculous comments as I didn’t want to delete any comment which might be bonafide.  Helpful comments would be immensely appreciated!

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  1. Kat – It is the same all over. Spam everywhere. Do you require word verification from everyone? I know some people hate it but it does cut down on spam.

  2. Hmmmm…I don’t know. I get maybe three or four a week…but that’s it. Could it be because you are not hosted by blogger or typepad? That’s really an interesting question. I get alot of spam in my email…and it does take up WAY too much time!! I think with the holidays upon us…we should wait to get together til January…is that ok with you?? I am thinking the next couple of weeks will be a little crazy!!

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