What a Strange Day this Was!

This morning, we awakened to a beautiful blanket of white!  It was so pretty and the Scottie boys were anxious to get outside!

I had an appointment for the dentist this morning at 10:40.  As I was getting ready for the appointment, the office called to say they were way behind and could I come in at 11:30 instead?  And so I did.

Today was the day I was supposed to have the little pin put into the empty space where my tooth was pulled. Instead, I was switched to getting some other work done.  It seems that the office is doing more mini-implants, so they purchased a special x-ray machine that measures bone density and gives the dentist an idea of what size pin to use and how deep.  As I was being worked on, the new machine was being delivered.  As I left the office,  the front doorway was literally being dismantled so the bulky piece could be carried on in!

This afternoon, I was reading emails and looking at different sites on the web.  As I looked at a blog I had started long, long ago,  I noticed an author had written a message for me today.  I won a book!  I love reading boks about the Amish and I had commented on her blog when she interviewed another author.  My name was randomly chosen! Hurrah!!!

It was funny that I won that book because it felt very much like my family was rejecting me today! There was no certain instance or circumstance that brought on such feelings of rejection…just a series of things that just made me feel like….well…I dunno…eating worms?

As I thought about it,  I was feeling a tad lonely, if not pitiful!  Suddenly, I came upon the notice and it was as though the Lord ws smiling down on me and showing me that it matters not how I feel, as in His Great Economy, I *am* loved. And favored, even!  After all, I won a  book!

I was so uplifted by this turn of events that I decided to make Buffalo Chicken Crepes like the ones I got when I met my blogger friend Jeanne last week for lunch.  The end result was that everyone gave me a big thumbs up! Yay! More favor.  I had made my own chicken wing sauce and (this one was pretty exciting when the family all liked it!) my own Bleu Cheese Dressing.  Everything turned out so picture perfect…darn! WHY did I not take a photo?

Here is a photo of the wreath on our front door.  I had loved the bell wreaths and when I spotted one at Big Lots over a month ago,  I bought it.  What was funny is that I had bought an artificial wreath for the door previously. Much to my joy, the bell wreath fit neatly inside the green one!  I love the look!

And, one more. The big wreath on the garage, beautifully “flocked”!