I Sound Like Such a Broken Record!

….but I cannot help it! It seems like I am finding life running me over lately. I just seem to be incapable of keeping up!

Yesterday, the kids had a mid-morning appointment with the doctor.  Since I have always gone in with them at their appointments, I was thrilled when Mark offered to do this.  I would (bravely) sit in the truck with the Scotties while Mark would sit inside (the nice warm) waiting room.

Oh glory. I never expected the appointment to last for two-and-a-half hours!  Wow! Let me tell you…the temperature was cold, but the winds were relentless!  Those Scotties were mighty convenient for warming!  I also used Mark’s computer for a little while and that offered a bit of warmth as well!

After the kids’ visit to the doctor, we headed on over to Henrietta.  Mark wanted to do some shopping at Sam’s Club.  It is always fun to browse through the store but I have no idea how the time managed to slip by so quickly!

When we left the house at about 9:15 yesterday morning, the fire in the woodstove was fading.  I thought I would let it go out and make a new one when we got home.  I was totally unprepared for what we arrived home to…okay…so fifty-seven degrees outside on a winter’s day would be delightful…even “balmy”.  But in the house?  Brrr!!!!

I immediately started a new fire and let it rip! We all retreated to warmer places in our beds, buried under piles of blankets! It took the house nearly three hours to warm up and I needed to keep the firewood coming! As the house was finally to the point of feeling nice and cozy, I stretched out on the bed and fell soundly asleep until 3:30 am.  I’ve no idea why I would awaken at such a crazy time, but I did.  And, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Today when we got up to take Michelle to class, the temperature was reading zero. I asked Mark to take Michelle to school, as I am just not real confident driving the truck in cold.  I haven’t driven it enough to get a real feel for it.  Although the truck is four-wheel drive, that just doesn’t boost my confidence at all…we have seen innumerable four-by-fours off the road, buried in fields and ditches!

This afternoon, we had to take Ben to his (final) class at college.  The roads were pretty good by then. After dropping Ben off, we wound up parked at a plaza while Mark fiddled with the internet a little.  As we sat there,  I saw what I believe was a fox barreling along behind the stores across the road.  It was strange to see this in such a busy and populated place….particularly in the broad daylight!

So.  Now you are wondering….Just how cold could it be?

Answer! Take a look at this!

Yes, that is a man ice fishing.  He was sitting there on the huge pond behind several businesses on Eastern Boulevard. I was surprised to see someone even walking on that pond, as just last week, that pond was filled with thousands of Canada Geese on open water!  Although the cold doesn’t bother me that much,  I’m not entirely certain I could sit on a bucket on an unprotected (from the wind gusts) pond with wind like today’s!

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  1. Yikes! Is that guy crazy???? We went out to look at Christmas lights tonight and it was freezing in the car! My heater seems to be acting up…as in…not really working! It wasn’t such a long ride!! I’m a little crazed right now too….I have a feeling it will be like this for awhile yet!

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