Finding Peace in a Fast-Paced World!

It’s funny, but whenever life seems like it is about to swallow me alive,  Mark says, “Katya, why don’t you just go visit Eunice?”.  Eunice is my Amish friend and while I greatly admire the lifestyle of the Amish, I’m not so sure I could live that way myself!  One awesome attribute in an Amish home, however, it the peacefullness that seems to permeate throughout.

Although there are indeed some Amish who could talk your leg off, the Amish generally are pretty thrifty with their words….after all, there are warnings in the Bible about senseless talk and about the angels recording our words.  Do know, however, when Eunice and I get to talking, we do our share of giggling and having some good fun!

This morning,  I decided that I had figured out a big white building I had seen in my little “nearby”  adventures.  Upon thinking about it, I was pretty sure it was an Old Order Mennonite church.  In looking up information regarding Mennonites online, it seems the divisions are made based on how liberal or conservative a community lives.

In our area, the Old Order Mennonites, like the Old Order Amish, drive horse and buggy where they want to go. I am uncertain what their stance is on using modern conveniences such as electricity, but their appearance is certainly different than that of the Old Order Amish.  The men are clean-shaven and the women wear modest dresses, but the fabrics often have small prints as opposed to the mono-color dresses of the Amish.

As I decided to try to find the church this morning, I was a bit clueless exactly where it was located, although I had a general sense of where it is.  As I drove along the less-traveled roads, I became aware that the “road grunge” (left from gravel and salt) had buggy marks through it. Eureka!  All I needed to do was follow the narrow buggy trails.

And I did!

Now, I must say that I always am intimidated taking photos. It doesn’t matter where it is or the subject…if it isn’t nature, I always think someone is going to ome after me and yell!  I’m not sure where this comes from, as no one has ever made a comment.  Anyway, in order to respect the privacy of the church, I did not photograph it any closer than the above photo.

I did, however, have a bit of fun taking horsie photos!

Hmmmm…on second thought, perhaps that nearest horse in the above photo is telling me to move along Missy!..

My very favorite photo today is this one…

As I drove away,  I passed by some low-lying woodland that was flooded.  It looked like an ice-skating rink in the woods!

I also passed by a field of pumpkins that just didn’t make it for one reason or another. Poor things!

As I made my way back to my side of Canandaigua Lake, I passed along the south end of the lake.  This is another low-lying area and I could have reached up and touched the clouds!

Today was such a gray and dismal day. There was drizzle on and off thorughout the day, but the temperature climbed to the point that it almost felt balmy!  Most of our snow is now only a memory and in its place is ooey, gooey mud!  Our rain is supposed to switch to snow tonight and the temperature is going to drop once again.

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  1. I’ve no worries about photographing the exterior of places/buildings which are exposed to the public view – interior photographs are only done where there is no objection.

    Crowd scenes are also OK, but I try to get subject approval where individuals would be identifiable.

    Like the horses and buggies.

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