Funny How Things Sometimes End Up

We have spent so much time and energy (to say nothing of gas!) traipsing about, trying to find the ultimate snowmobile clothing.  Well, maybe not the ultimate….but rather, sufficient!

Today, Ben, Mark, and I headed out to look at the small shop we visited earlier this week.  We also took Angus along, thinking the wee lad might just enjoy his 8th birthday out for a ride! Michelle stayed home to study for her finals and Murphy stayed with her.  I really think Angus felt pampered, not being troubled by the younger Scot. No competition for treats, or attention, doncha know!

As we were making our way toward Buffalo today, I mentioned the shop located just about twelve miles from our house.  Mark said that when he looked at a Canadian site that sells snowmobile clothing in the US,  this particular store was mentioned as a retailer.  Mark swung on over to the store and Ben and I rushed inside for a fact-finding tour.  I saw some interesting outfits, but we were in a hurry to get to the other store.  Mark said he would stop back after we went to the first store.

I had gotten a pair of pink and black snowmobile pants the last time we went to this store and Ben and Mark found some good ones for themselves today.  That was a relief, but we still needed some more clothing! Ben was set with a coat, as when we bought the snowmobile for me, the fellow threw in a beautiful jacket, helmet, and gloves.

We finished up at the first store, then made our way toward home again. We stopped at the store and I think I fell in love!!!

We have lived here for eighteen years. We have passed by The Outdoor Store so many, many times!  The sign says it is one of (or maybe the largest)  Carhartt dealer in the US.  Since I have never been interested in Carhartts,  I never bothered to look inside.

I took this photo after we had been inside the store well over an hour….it got dark out while we were inside!  Anyway, The Outdoor Store offers a whole lot more than just Carhartts!  It is jam-packed with all sorts of unique gifts! I love this store!

I did also take a couple of photos of an interesting display outside the store before we went inside.  This is one of the most awesome “recycling” projects I have ever seen!

I dunno…maybe it was his blue eyes that caught my own. I just this is so clever.

I did wind up getting a jacket that matches the pants I got.  I am pretty well set for our outings now!

The weather was a little “blurpy” today. While we have been getting some well-below-zero weather lately, today’s weather was well above freezing, turning our snow into mushy, soft snow! Not to fear, though.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for more really cold weather!

Chris in Scotland asked what our temperatures have been like and on Monday, our temperatures are supposed to be -8C for a high, with -11C for the low. Pretty chilly for this time of the year.  Our average is supposed to be more like today’s above 0C temps. Matters not to me…I now have very warm pants and jacket!