Scenes from the Truck Today

This afternoon, we left home-sweet-home to do a few running around chores.  Those chores were all to the north of us and while we (argh!) live two miles from a ski area and have been getting no snow, we certainly saw some today!

These photos, save the very last one, were all taken as we drove westward from Palmyra towards Rochester along Route 31. 

That last photo was taken at a plaza where we stopped. As you can see, the snow was falling at a pretty healthy rate! I think Mark was grateful to arrive home safely from our journey…the major roads were snow-covered and people were driving very slowly except for the crazies that came flying past every now and then, looking like the pavement was clear and dry!

I was very happy to walk into a warm and cozy house. I will never tire of our fantastic woodstove!