My, How the Winds do Howl!

Well, once again, I am in a rather “stale” mode; or is that “stall”?  I’ve not been inspired to take any photos the past couple of days.  Today, however, I did have somewhat of an excuse. The wind has been howling mercilessly the entire day…I am convinced that were I to take a camera out in this, it would either shake so badly, all my images would be grossly distorted, or, (worse scenario) the camera would sail right out of my grip and fly into the atmosphere!

Today was a very boring day with the highlights being the food we consumed.  And it was not all that exciting!

My Amish friends have been on my mind a lot the past couple of days.  They are being faced with some whopping big bills from their little Susanna’s birth.  Since the Amish do not subscribe to insurance,  the price tag seems a bit insurmountable in my book.  If you are inclined, please keep my friend’s family in your prayers.  I know they are greatly appreciated!

Hopefully I will be getting out and doing some photos again soon.  My poor trigger finger is itching badly!