A Ride Back in Time

No, I’m not in possession of a time machine or any such thing, but when I visit my Amish friend, Eunice, I feel as though I am going back in time!

Although I don’t have any really interesting photos from today, I like this one.

These tiny pines were nearly covered up under a blanket of snow!

I drove on down to visit with Eunice and was surprised to see that tiny little Susanna who began life weighing only one pound, fourteen ounces, is now a hefty six pounds!  The wee little lass is now the size of many newborns!  She is really beginning to grow like crazy and Eunice said the public health nurse said she no longer deems it necessary for home visits to see Susanna’s progress!

Eunice and I visited and chattered  while her fifteen-year-old sister-in-law did the family’s laundry, washed dishes, and swept the floor.  She was so incredible, silently performing the tasks at hand with no hesitation and an ease that would convince an observer she had been doing such work all her life.  I am sure Eunice takes great comfort having another set of hands around to help with not only the baby, but two-year-old Chris as well.  Her sister-in-law lives with her parents a short distance from Eunice and Noah’s house.

We had such a nice visit and Eunice confided that were she to have a vehicle (which would never happen as the Amish cannot own a vehicle) she would get out more often!