I So Love December!

I know many folks suffer from depression during the winter months when daylight and sunshine are at a premium, but I find myself envigorated, regenerated,  and just feeling so good.  The short days don’t bother me and when the darkness creeps in earlier and earlier in the day,  to me, it almost feels like a cozy warm blanket covering me, making me feel snuggly and satisfied.  I find no sense of guilt putting my labors to rest earlier than in the long days of summer.

This morning, as we drove Michelle to school,  we had to stop at the other end of our road.  Sometimes photography is mandatory, after all!

The beauty of such a sunrise just speaks volumes to me of a Creator who delights his creation with colors and textures to excite one’s very soul.

Mark and I dropped Michelle off at school, then I had to run into Lowe’s to grab a paint pad. I smiled as I saw their offerings of snowblowers all lined up in front of the store.

Mark suddenly felt an urgency to head on home. The small amount of snow we have received has excited him to no end,  making him feel  anxious to ride those new snowmobiles.  So anxious, as a matter of fact, he talked me into climbing on board and taking the sled for a spin around the yard! It was truly fun, but I was so unprepared, wearing a skirt and no hat or gloves! (What must the neighbors have thought?…..Aw, who cares, anyway? )

After my maiden voyage on the sled, Ben got his turn.  Being 100% boy, Ben loved riding the machine and within just a short time,  looked as though he had been riding for a long time!

Michelle advised me the above should be our Chistmas card this year!

Well, here is to more snow and more fun in the snow!  We cannot ride the snowmobile trails in New York state until after December 20, when hunting season ends.  Not wishing to hurry time any faster than it naturally flows,  I must admit I am a little excited myself.  We plan to join a local club and go on rides with other folks from the area.