hehehe…Just Had to Do This

Yesterday’s weather felt nearly “balmy”.  It was warm. And rainy. It was a pretty miserable day with gray skies that never went away the entire day.  We were told substantial rain was coming but while I waited for the kids to be done with their classes, it was mostly just windy.

I am going to digress off topic and add a most strange and unusual story.

Ben and I decided to go to a store to look for curtains for his room.  We looked around the store, then left so I could drop Ben off for his class.  I walked on to the truck….the wind was so brisk, it nearly hurt your head as it parted your hair!

Ben called me over.  I kept walking, turning my head to look at him and he insisted I come to him and look.  I walked over to see him standing in front of a shopping cart.  In the cart was a very expensive looking Etienne Aigner purse.  Ben asked what we should do.  He picked the purse out of the cart, but it was empty, save for one of those tiny silicone packs one finds in new leather goods.

I told Ben to get in the truck and I would take care of the purse.  I dropped Ben off at school, then looked at the purse.  Being a non-smoker, the first thing that struck me was that it smelled….horribly!  The purse was very smoky smelling.

I went back to the store where we had found the purse and asked if anyone was missing a purse or if they sold a purse like that.  Both answers were no.  As I looked at the purse once again, I wondered why every zippered compartment was wide open.  I wondered if the purse had been snatched from someone, so I decided to take it to the police.

I drove to the sherriff’s headquarters.  The woman inside the office told me that the plaza where the purse was found was in the jursdiction of the Canandaigua police department.  I walked over to the city headquarters.  The woman in the office there said the sherriff’s department was who would handle this.  Argh!  The woman at the desk did me a great favor and called to let the deputy know I was coming! (I found out there is a thin line (perhaps literally?) between the city and county jurisdiction in that particular area.)

I walked back to the sherriff’s office and was eventually met by a deputy who took my information.  He asked of I checked with the store where the purse was found and when I told him I did, he said it looked like someone had stolen the purse, then deposited it in the shopping cart.  Interesting…it was very clean inside, but had mud splattered on the outside.  It also smelled terrible.

I laughed and told the deputy I was so dizzy from walking back and forth between the departments, I was considering just taking the purse home and forgetting it!

I told him it looked very much like a purse a store across the highway might sell. He said he would check with them and if they did not claim it,  they would hold it for thirty days, then I could have it.  He said he would call and let me know what happened today but I never heard from him.  I figured the store would be glad to get it back into their inventory if it was stolen from them.  Never having had “sticky fingers”,  I felt funny even holding the purse after the deputy said it looked to him as though it had been stolen!

After my little “runaround” with the strange purse, I just wanted to relax, so I parked by the lake and sat for a long time.  As I sat there, the darkness came in quickly! The rain also began to fall.

Yes, even my phone verified it was raining. hahaha.

When I awakened this morning, the wind was still blowing powerfully.  As I looked out back, the lid from the hot tub was lying about ten feet away from the tub!  I went outside to put it back on and was instantly aware of noise!  It was not just the noise of wind.  It was water. 

As I looked at our trails in the woods, there was water rushing down like wide ribbons wound through the trees!  I woke Ben up and he set to work making sure all the culverts were clear.

Ben had everything in order within about half an hour, raking some sticks and rocks out from ditches.


The weatherman said snow was on the way.

By mid afternoon…

I loved watching the little squirrel eat his lunch. The little bugger nearly disappeared as he “tunneled” through the snow looking for his stash!

Yes, we went from warm and balmy to snow in less than a few hours!