Oh My Goodness!

I am sorry I haven’t been keeping consistant with blogging, but the kids have something planned nearly every day!  And, (of course) when the kids have some time blocks unclaimed, Mark fills them with things he wants to do or things that need to be done.   What ever happened to the “simple” life?

Today, Michelle had a date for a tour of a tiny college located on Keuka Lake.  The college is called (rightfully so!) Keuka College and was founded  in 1890 by a man by the name of Dr. George Harvey Ball.  Oh my goodness!!!

Here are a few short facts about this school:

The total number of students enrolled, including adult learners, is about 1,500.  The teacher to student ratio at Keuka is 1:14.  Generally speaking,  the largest classes are for freshmen, where a class might have 35 or 40 students.  The wonderful young lady who took us on our tour today is going to be a teacher and she told us one of her classes consists of nine students.  We were told that when a student is missing from class, the professor will generally call or email the student to make sure everything is okay.

One of the most outstanding features of this school is that students are expected to spend 140 hours for each semester doing “field period” work.  This involves the student writing up a contract in which they specify the type of work they anticipate doing in their particular field of study.  This study can be done anywhere. The student is responsible for their transportation and living expenses, but all work will be credited toward their experience. I am probably not explaining this properly, so I will give you an example our tour guide gave.

Samantha (our guide) will be working this summer during her break on a ranch where disabled children ride horses. Because Sam has an emphasis on Special Ed,  working with the children will be counted toward her degree.  She also told us about another friend of hers who is also working towards a teaching degree.  This young lady went to Russia and worked in an orphanage as part of her field work.

After our tour (which Sam made absolutely fantastic with her enthusiasm) we met with an admissions advisor who told us that 40% of students are offered jobs from companies they have done their field period with.  Of that 40%, only 20% actually take the offer,  while most others find work elsewhere.  The school is recognized as a leader in “experiential, hands-on learning”.

Can you tell that Michelle, Mark, and I were all impressed with this school?

Okay, that is enough…..but maybe not.   What kind of kids attend this school?  Well, let me tell you, they are serious students.  We were told of two specific indicators that substantiate this claim.  One is that the “Emergency” phones that are available on campus (in the event a student is being assaulted or distressed in any way)  have never, ever been used in the history of the college.  The second has to do with amazing artwork that is displayed by a German artist. The artwork is found in a cozy nook in the library and has never been damaged or messed with by students. 

Now for some snapshots…

Keuka College is not a Christian college, but houses an awesome chapel built in 1964.  We spent quite a bit of time there, astonished by how beautiful this chapel is!

Michelle’s heart is set on this little gem located only about 35 miles from our house.  We shall see, but in the meantime, she is thinking about touring even more schools!

I sincerely wish I would have brought my Nikon camera with me today. There was so much to see and in all honestly, I was so overwhelmed,  I didn’t take many photos! The ones I did take inside were disappointing…I needed my faster Nikon lens!

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  1. I have a close friend whose daughter graduated from Keuka College with a degree in Occupational Therapy. She liked the school very much.

  2. I have heard only good things about Keuka! We have a very good friend of ours that lives right there on the lake and has been there for YEARS! Beautiful scenery!

  3. How exciting and what a pretty little campus! Speaking of school…I just finished everything I need to do for my Master’s Degree at 2:30 this afternoon!!!!!!

    I haven’t blogged in forever!

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