Looking Back

That title might be just a little misleading, but as I thought about Michelle’s tour of Geneseo College on Monday, I couldn’t help but reflect a bit….

We began our homeschooling saga with Michelle when she was age four.  With her birthday being late in the year, (November) we could have opted to begin her schooling another year later, but she was ready and biting at the bit.  To have held Michelle back a year would have been a great disservice.

I will never forget Michelle’s Kindergarten experience.  She whizzed through her coursework with great excitement and ease. She was a wonderful little student….wide-eyed and like a little sponge!  It was a thrill to sit and listen to her reading to me and watching as she neatly formed letters on paper.  It was almost like a dream unfolding!  I never thought I would be working at home, teaching my kids the subjects they needed.

Our experience wasn’t without discomfort. Well meaning friends and otherwise would look at our kids and ask about their socialization.  It was as though people were afraid if we kept our kids at home for their studies, they might become the dregs of society.  Still, we persisted.  There were times when I felt like my feet were slipping some,  but the kids both came through like troopers!

Michelle is now in her second year at our local community college and the only reason she doesn’t have a perfect 4.0 grade point average is because she received an A- in her statistics class.  As she moves ahead, she began to think she might like to continue her education at a four year school.  We have been speaking with transfer people at four year schools to make sure her credits can be transferred toward her four year degree.

We arrived at Geneseo College on Monday afternoon and right away, a young man who attends the school appeared to give the family a tour.  This was complete with vehicle! 

Since the little unit was only big enough for four people, I happily suggested I would wander around a little.

(Yes, taking a few photos!)

I was surprised that there was a main sidewalk/roadway that lead directly to the main street downtown.  It was as though the campus is the town.  In commenting about that, the tour guide said that the population of Geneseo is about seven thousand, with about five thousand students at the college. The population greatly diminishes during breaks!

Here are a few photos I took of the town as I strolled along toward the main street. (Not sure if it is indeed Main Street!)

I spotted these gorgeous but fading purple flowers along the walkway.  My poor Panasonic camera nearly busted a lens trying to capture the intense purple color! And right nearby were some awesome sunflowers!

This next shot had me smiling….so cute!  This is the back entrance to a laundromat located in the town.  The “curtains” above the two ladies are actual fabric.  I think this is just so creative!

Of course, with my insatiable affinity for color,  how could I resist taking a photo of this pretty floral business?  The colors scream autumn!

The next two photos are of a large bronze statue that sits on top of a fountain along the street.  The street is divided in a median of sorts where the fountain sits.  I just read that the animal on the fountain is a bear.  I was guessing a wolf mainly because I think the body is too lean and the snout too long for a bear! Ah well…no idea the significance!

As you can see, the sun was positioned  in such a way it was nearly impossible to capture a good photo.  Add to that the fact that I was not about to stop traffic while taking a photo!  People in this little town are exceptionally polite regarding stopping their vehicles for pedestrians.

And, one last photo looking down the street toward the west.

After the tour,  our family met with a lovely lady who works closely with transferring students.  We met in a conference room surrounding a large table.  I watched as Michelle interacted with the woman while being questioned.  I must admit I was surprised with the ease and fluid conversation…I would say our little homeschooled girl has done pretty well for herself!

We have another tour scheduled on Friday at a small college here in the Finger Lakes.  Michelle and I are both very interested in this tour, as it is at a school that is actually situated on the lake…a beautiful setting!

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  1. I haven’t been to Geneseo in years so I sincerely enjoyed this photo journey!! Look forward to seeing your next college pic!! I think as a homeschool mom you are probably very close to your kids!!

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