Thanks Aldi!

I remember when Aldi moved into Canandaigua with their new store.  The store supposedly is a success in Germany and the concept of selling groceries (many not familiar name brand) and having customers box or bag them themselves isn’t a new idea.  Those of us with memberships to the big warehouse clubs have found we can capably pack our groceries!

The thought of no-name or unfamiliar name brands made me somewhat unsure…remember the generic food stores tried to pawn off on consumers in the ’70’s?  Fruit that was tasteless.  Pears that were hard like rocks.  Yuck!  Who wanted to go to a store and buy inferior goods just so one could say they saved a few dollars, after all?

Enter Aldi.  I went into the store, reluctant and feeling like a grocery snob.  I would try a few items just to allay my grocery prejudice.  When I walked through the doors, I was surprised to find many items I did know.  Mixed in were many items carrying the Aldi label on the back. 

I have tried many, many Aldi goods since the store opened and I can pretty much say that the quality is good.  The latest discovery is that I have now replaced my Francesco Rinaldi Super Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce with Reggano Mushroom Sauce with a avings of about $.79 a jar.  When I am purchasing six jars at a time, this savings definitely adds up.  And although I am not the thriftiest shopper,  I really appreciate saving some money.

So, now I must confess. Have you read here long enough, Dear Reader, to discover some of my favorite things?  The color blue. Blue skies and sunshine.  Snow. Winter.  How about almonds? 

Yes, I am an almond addict and have been for years!  I remember when I began making soap about 12 years ago, I joined a soapmaker’s Christmas swap….my Secret Santa provided me with anything and everything she could find that was almond!  Ah, those were the days…

So, to tie Aldi and my almond addiction together,  let me present the most awesome, wonderful, scrumptious goodie….

Yes! I shamelessly eat half of one of these delightful logs every day. That is, after all, one serving.  AND, not only am I satisfying my addiction, but getting the added benefit of eating dark chocolate.  Now, I am not a fan of chocolate, but haven’t we all heard that eating dark chocolate is heart healthy?  And look!  Enlarge the photo and see where this delightful confection is made!  (NOT the US…or China…)

There, I have confessed.  I feel better now. And no, Aldi is not paying for this plug….it is entirely voluntary!

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  1. Oh am I glad Erin doesn’t read your blog! We would be on our way to Aldi right now. She LOVES marzipan! She typically gets an assortment of marzipan “fruits” or something for Christmas. She would go nuts over your find! Perhaps I’ll be a good mommy and take her there this evening…it is, after all, on the way to Sarah’s dance class.

  2. Well Mr. Anderson, I am negligent as I had purposed to take another photo of the back of the mazipan log and forgot. Rest assured, on the back label it says “Made in Germany”! Now I’m not sure if it is a man thing or if you and Mark BOTH missed your calling….I seriously think that a mind such as yours and Mark’s should go to law school!!! hehehe

    Carly, hope you went to Aldi and got Erin a bar. For 99 cents, they are a pretty good deal!!!! And, oh so tasty with a glass of cold milk! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..

  3. I, too, immediately though of Erin when I read your post. Now we know where she got her love of Marzipan. Aldi also carries the only Sarah-safe oyster crackers around here.
    And you’re right…dark chocolate is supposed to be good for us — what a tasty combination!

  4. That does it! I need to go to Aldi’s to pick up one of those logs!!! It looks SOOOOOO good!!! I love almonds too!! And DARK Chocolate! My favorite!!

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