Autumn Continues

The word “autumn” seems to conjure up warm sentiments and memories in my mind.  I think of things like hot cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven,  a steamy cup of tea,  warm colors like gold, orange, cranberry,  brown…all the colors typically associated with Thanksgiving.  And what a warm and cozy holiday Thanksgiving is! 

Our weather has been absolutely glorious the past few days.  It has been so warm, one can comfortably go outside in a sweater or lightweight jacket.   That in itself is rather amazing for nearly mid-November.  Our nights have been cold enough to leave a telltale frost in the morning,  but when the sun arises in the sky spilling down its warm honey like rays,  the days warm up considerably!  We have been forewarned, however, by the local meteorologists that this will soon be only a memory and more “seasonable” weather will ensue.  That’s okay, because we have thoroughly enjoyed this brief but magnificent  reprieve!

Last night I got a brief call from Eunice.  Gosh, isn’t it cool to be able to say my Amish friend calls me?  Anyway, Eunice wanted to let me know that Susanna was being released from the hospital and they were soon going to be on their way home.  She said the driver was there and they weren’t quite ready, so I thanked her for calling and thanked the Lord that the little one is doing okay!  Eunice was not too thrilled that Susanna was being sent home with oxygen in case she needs a bit and that she is to have someone watching her 24 hours a day. Just in case.  Eunice said she will have some young girls come and take shifts watching over Susanna. Hopefully, Eunice will be able to get some rest!  Prayers would be greatly coveted and appreciated, I am sure!

Yesterday afternoon, while Mark shifted trailers around,  I went out with the Nikon and took a few photos.  All botanical.  This was fun!

Yeah, I guess the one big drawback to the season is that all the vibrant colors of summer have gone, but as one studies these stark reminders of summer past,  it doesn’t take too much imagination to see the beauty inside.  Alas,  the remaining stalks contain the seeds for summer yet to come!

To celebrate the lovely weather today,  I emptied the hot tub and refilled it with fresh water.  As the tub was filling,  I climbed up on the rail of the swimming pool and used a five gallon bucket to scoop up rainwater and leaves off the winter cover.  There were tons of leaves sitting on the cover and if they aren’t removed, they begin to compost on the cover.  Not a good thing!

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  1. Thank you, Bill. Now, I must admit….that is the first milkweed to “explode” here. I’ve no idea why our plants are so far behind others!! Feeling more comfortable at our domain, I crawled down on the ground to capture that shot, wanting to also get the awesomely incredible BLUE sky in the photo. Of course, my family still just all shake their heads and roll eyes upwards…..

  2. I’m so glad that your friend’s baby is being released from the hospital and will add her to my prayers as well. What a terrible buggy accident was on the news the other day! Your pictures are just perfect! I love them!! It is rather sad that we have to do without color for so long…not looking forward to the cold and snow this year. The past few days have been FABULOUS!!

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