and Rochester Night

For her birthday, Ben bought Michelle a ticket to see a Christian band called Underoath.  Michelle was beside herself, thrilled with the opportunity to see this band.  (Ben also bought himself a ticket)

After picking Michelle and Ben up at school last night,  we headed right to Rochester to take the kids to the concert.  After dropping them off, Mark shopped for a bit, then we headed back toward Rochester.  There are some really great places to get a few shots of the city lit up at night.  We stopped at one (though I cannot tell you where, exactly) and I took these. Pretty proud of myself. No tripod,  only handheld.

I think Mark said this one was taken on the Ford Bridge?  That is what the railing is in the foreground!

The concert ended rather early…shortly after 10 and the kids had a great time.  I had intended to blog last night, but somehow seemed to pass out before my fingers could hit the keys!

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  1. The Ford St. Bridge is one of the best spots for shooting the city skyline — fantastic! The 2nd shot looks to have been taken a little further along Exchange Blvd. looking toward Corn Hill Landing.

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