A Little Humor

Today was another one of those crazy days! 

When I saw that the weather was going to be sunny and nice this morning,  I decided I should try to give the camper a quick “once-over” wash job.  I didn’t have time to do a more thorough job,  so I grabbed a brush made specifically for washing RV’s and quickly brushed off as much dirt as I could.   When I was about halfway through the task, Ben came out and helped….we were done in about half an hour.

Ben made a fabulous salad for everyone for lunch, then it was time to gather all the tools we needed to begin painting Ben’s room.

We started painting at about 3 pm even though I had hoped to begin much earlier!

A short time after beginning our painting, the phone rang and Michelle came into Ben’s room to tell me my friend Eunice was on the phone.  She was calling from Ronald McDonald House and my heart fell to the floor as I wondered if little Baby Susanna is okay.

As it turned out,  Susanna has pertussis and was struggling a bit with breathing. Eunice and Noah called their doctor and she sent them to Buffalo Children’s Hospital. Eunice said the good news is that Susanna hasn’t needed oxygen at all today.  Eunice is speculating that if Susanna doesn’t need oxygen for a certain period of time,  she will be released from the hospital.

I explained to Eunice that Ben and I were painting and asked if I could call back later.  Eunice said that was fine, so I continued to paint.

A little while later,  another call came from the Ronald McDonald House.  This time, Mark answered the phone and Eunice said she had gotten a call from someone sounding like me that needed help. She wondered if I had called and if I was all right.  Mark assured her Ben and I were painting, so I had not called.

After Ben and I finished with the paint project, we cleaned up the brushes and rollers and put things away. I was exhausted, but Mark said I should call Eunice.  I did call and we talked and giggled for probably an hour. 

I mentioned the call she made earlier and she began giggling.  She said when she received the call, Noah was down doing their laundry while she rested in their room at the Ronald McDonald House.  The phone rang and she immediately thought it was me calling her for help!

When Noah returned from the laundry room, she told him what happened….he began laughing and told her it was HIM!  She said he often plays jokes like that.  We giggled some more and Noah got on the phone to tell me he was trying to cheer Eunice up….laughter IS the best medicine, after all!

I’m still chuckling over Noah’s little prank!

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