Dentist Day…again….

I think I should just take up residence at the dentist’s office since I spend such a large block of time there.  Today was actually an easy appointment as it was just a cleaning.  As I was leaving the office when the hygienist was done,  one of the other girls called me over to a cabinet.  She opened the door and showed me an amazing little gadget…it isa little plastic piece of my upper teeth (from the most recent impressions) with a tiny hole where the dentist is supposed to “roto-root” (the hygienist’s words, not mine!) the stainless peg into my bone.  Now this girl was so excited by this new device while I felt a little shaky  just looking at it!

While I was driving down to the appointment this morning,  I happened to make a mental note of a vineyard that had no leaves on the grapevines…just grapes!  They were so pretty hanging there, so I stopped on my way home to photograph them.  I only wish I would have had the Nikon camera instead of the Panasonic.

Not too sure what the grapes on top are, but in the second photo, my guess is Concord or Sheridan.  That deep purple color kind of gives them away!

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  1. I love the grape pictures!!! The dentist thing…not so much…I HATE Dentists!!! How on earth can someone actually get excited about a device like that? I don’t get it.

  2. Actually what a new device that is indicated by the girl?
    I can imagine… I’m horrified reading your story. Well, I also hate Dentist. I’m just going to dentist, if I take my daughter to check her teeth…
    By the way, your grape pictures very nice…

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