Another Celebration Day

Yesterday morning when I took the Scottie boys out, it looked as though it had snowed, but it was actually a heavy-duty frost! It made everything look so pretty…

We couldn’t spend the morning dawdling, though, as we had made plans to meet my parents at Sprague’s Restaurant to celebrate Michelle’s birthday with them.  We were off shortly after 9:30 and the drive was very pretty.  As we drove along the Southern Tier Expressway,  the higher elevations offered beautiful scenery with heavy frost.

Sprague’s Restaurant is located in a small rural community and as we drove along a valley route, the scenery was amazing.  With low lying clouds,  it just added to the beauty.  I snapped a photo with the Nikon (from the backseat of the truck) of this old building with the clouds just above it….

I realy like the way it turned out.

We arrived in good time at the restaurant and once again, enjoyed good food and good company.  We always look forward to these meetings!  As we were eating,  Ben made metion something about bears in canoes.  I was unable to see this from my seat, but when I got up, I just had to snap a quick  shot.  Too funny!

After we finished eating, we all went for a stroll up to the sugar house, located on a hill behind the restaurant.  The walk is short, but strenuous, and it felt good to get some exercise after a delicious but far-too-generous meal! Here are some photos of some things we saw….

This is a Northern Bobwhite Quail.  If you look closely, you can see it looking back at me!

We visited with my parents and Randy for some time before making our way back towards home.  As always, it was hard saying our good-byes!

As we moved along though the small town of Cuba, a couple of things caught my eye and we had to stop.

Those bright red clusters of berries on the tree really grabbed my attention.  It was only in looking at the photos that I saw some nasty looking thorns on that tree!  Ouch!  There were so many birds making noise nearby…I wonder f the berries attract them?

I took that last photo as I always wonder if this is a relative of my mom since her maiden name is Kester.

I don’t know about you, but this time changing thing really messes me up sometimes!  I was in bed early last night because all the fresh air just made me sleepy!  When I looked at the clock,  it said 8:30!  And that meant that I awakened in the middle of the night!  Oh joy!  grumble…grumble…grumble…

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