Happy Birthday Wilma!


Michelle’s request for her special day today was to spend time at the Eastview Mall.  We left home today late in the morning and Mark dropped Michelle and me off to shop.  He and Ben left the area and went to another shopping mecca to attend to their manly business.

Yes, the mall is decked to the nines and I must say I was rather astonished at the number of shoppers out this Friday afternoon.  I don’t remember seeing so many people shopping this early (before Christmas) on a weekday, but there were some pretty good deals to be had. 

Michelle shopped while I observed. Michelle is an incredible shopper.  Instead of heading for the latest and greatest fashions,  she immediately heads to the clearance racks in every store.  While I find it mind-boggling to carefully browse through racks of clothing,  Michelle takes her time and surveys each piece offered.  In the end, she often finds some good bargains.  Such was the case today!

We shopped first in J.C. Penney’s.  In the midst of buying items for her birthday,  Michelle found some Christmas presents for others. Did I mention she is such a great shopper!

As we were leaving Penney’s,  Michelle called out,  “Look Mom!  They are selling Flinstone jewelry”!

I turned to see my lovely daughter with the most humorous look on her face with the largest sting of fake pearls adorning her neck….

Happy, Happy Birthday, Wilma!  Er, Michelle! What a terrific young woman you have grown to be.  How could we have ever known eighteen years ago what an impact you would have on our lives!  Love you, Michelle!  And Happy Birthday!