A Quick Post

Today was another one of those days filled with running around.  I guess it was a kind of continuation of yesterday, really!

Yesterday we left home and went to Mark’s mom’s house so Mark and Ben could put the finish coat of plaster on the wall they replaced in the garage.  It was so bitter cold out that Mark had his mom set up a heater in the garage so he and Ben could work.  As one thin coat was drying,  we had to run to Home Depot to grab the compound for the final coat.

While Mark and Ben applied the final coat of plaster,  Michelle and I ran up to a craft store where I (YAY! Finally!) found a glass dome large enough to place over the cute little beaded Christmas tree Randy gave me last year.  The store is called Hobby Lobby and let me tell you, that store really knocked my socks off.  Not only is it huge, but I have never seen so many crafts in my life under one roof!

We returned home well after nine last night and I was exhausted.   I had some things to do before retiring to bed and by the time I plopped my head upon my pillow, it was about 11:30.  I nearly cried this morning as I crawled back out of bed shortly after 5. 

Enough bellyaching, though!

I took Michelle to college this morning and as I made my way back home, I took just a few photos.  Thought I would share!

Tis shortly before 9 and I am so dog-tired, I am calling it a night!