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Tired of Autumn Yet?

Uh, I don’t that will happen with many folks….seems everyone I speak to says they love the colors and air of autumn!

Yesterday afternoon, we got a real treat when my Aunt Lynda and Uncle Ron stopped by for a (far too short!) visit at our house.  We laughed and talked nonstop, trying to catch up on years and years of life!  I haven’t seen my aunt and uncle in far too long and it was so great just to see them!

After my aunt and uncle left,  Mark asked if I got any photos of them.  Oh my goodness!  I had intentionally left the little Panasonic camera sitting out to take some photos, and I completely FORGOT!  Lynda even took a photo of Mark, Ben, and I (Michelle was at Cindy’s, working)  and I was so numb, (cannot even *think* of another word…sheesh!!!)  I didn’t even think to grab the camera! Argh!!!!

I did happen to capture the sun and brilliant golden leaves outside the house lighting up the inside!!! I took this photo wondering if the golden reflection would show up…and it did!  Reminds me of Thomas Kinkade’s paintings!

We had to go pick Michelle up from work shortly after Aunt Lynda and Uncle Ron left, but I did have my camera at hand when I saw this from the porch…

As much as I love seeing paintings of autumn scenes, only God can create something so marvelous as this!

Michelle and Ben met some friends after Michelle finished working and went out for some Chinese.  Mark and I ran up to Canandaigua before picking them up a little later and going home.  I love the way the moon looked last night.

What a fun day yesterday was!  How I wish days like this would linger on and on!

Autumn Afternoon, Continued

I just couldn’t think of a much more pleasant way to spend a sunny autumn afternoon!  The sun was bright with not a cloud in sight and the skies were the most intense blue…they almost looked fake! 

This trail ride is located on a 600 acre farm that as been “in the family” since 1884.  The folks who own the farm told me they are “just farmers”, but the trails are maintained by a club that rides there.  This was such an awesome ride with such varying scenery….

Yes, try as one might, the end of this ride does indeed leave riders with messy bikes!  The owners of the farm were there, though, and graciously offered a small pressure washer to blast off the caked on mud!

We will be doing this again!

A Ride on an Awesome Autumn Afternoon

Mark has been working hard to get our ATV’s portable.  We bought a snowmobile trailer a while ago that measures eight feet wide by fourteen feet long….this is large enough to hold all three of our vehicles.  Mark has dreamed for years of someday being able to transport our machines to trails around our area and beyond.  Our new trailer has made this dream a reality!

On Wednesday afternoon, Ben, Mark, and I took the machines to a most amazing trail about forty miles from our house.  I am about to take you on a most wonderful tour, featuring Autumn in New York’s Finger Lakes Region.  If you don’t find this incredible,  I shall be rather surprised!

I think the trees in the photo below might be Beech….I love the way the falling long pine needles got caught on the leaves!

It is almost midnight and I am so tired from our ride.  These are half of my photos I selected, so I will post the last ones tomorrow.  Hope you have found one or two that caught your eye!

Off to Grandma’s

I’m not sure why, exactly, but todaywas off to a terribly slow start.  It seemed like the kids, Mark, and I were all out of sync.  We  just couldn’t get together and get out of the house as early as we had anticipated.

Finally, we all ambled out the door and were off to do some work at the home of my mother-in-law.  I had painted her back steps leading to a sunroom a couple years ago, but they are in need of paint once again.  Mark and Ben had already placed some cement board on a garage wall that had previously been plastered, then coated with a thin stucco coating.  The backer board and plaster had acted as a wicking agent, causing the wall to buckle and slump.  With the new cement board up, Mark and Ben will add joint compound to build up the variances between the new board and previously plastered wall.

We arrived early afternoon and Mark and Ben immediately began their work.  I used a sander to take out imperfections on the railings and stairs and to smooth out rough spots on the stairs.  Unfortunately, with all the rain we have received the past week,  everything was still a tad wet.  I brushed everything off when I was done, then went over some spots on the stairs where mildew had formed from all the wet weather.  I used bleach on the spots and they faded away quickly.

We will need to go back to the house at least a couple more times.  I will need to prime then paint the staircase.  Ben and Mark will need to finish with mudding the wall, then prime and stucco the wall.

We didn’t get home until nearly eight this evening and everyone is a bit tired.  It was a beautiful autumn day filled with bright blue skies and lots of sunshine!

Another Busy Week is Passing By!

Every day the past week or so seems to be filled to the max with all sorts of activities.  We have been doing all sorts of things from running to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to running Michelle to work and both kids to college.  It would seem that every single day has some sort of adventure involved. I’m not complaining…if I just sat around all day, I am sure I would go stir crazy!

Today, I dropped Michelle off at school…before that, though, we had to run to WalMart for Michelle to pick up a couple of things.  After dropping Michelle off,  I came home and did some things around he house before Mark and I drove Ben to school. 

While waiting to leave with Ben, though, I spotted a small pale yellow butterfly out in the wild Bachelor’s Buttons.  I had to grab my Nikon so I could photograph the little flutter-by, but it was so hard as my tiny subject was very shy!

I Googled “pale yellow butterfly” and immediately found it is called a “Pale Clouded Butterfly” in Europe, or, “Sulphur Butterfly” here in the US.  What a pretty little thing this one is with large green eyes.  It is so unusual to see a butterfly this late in the year, too.  It was so beautiful as it sat amongst the wild Bachelor’s Buttons.  As an added bonus, I happened to capture another little critter….

You can see in the photo above that my little butterfly was once again fluttering its wings making for a tough shoot!

We dropped Ben off at school and then wandered over to grab some lunch.  We parked out behind Arby’s and I was thrilled to see Canada Geese floating in the pond back there.  There were so pretty and Mark commented they were all facing into a rather brisk wind coming from the west. 

There were also what seemed like endless Seagulls dipping and diving about.  Gulls don’t win a lot of points with me…their loud and obnoxious shrieks, as well as shameless begging just make me more aggravated than inclined to share any leftovers with them!  I did notice a small flock of Mallard ducks resting in a shady spot in front of a pickup truck parked in the lot.  They were so cute.

I opened my window….and…..(okay, what else would I do?)  quacked! Responding just like one would expect when a hunter uses a duck call,  my little duck friends got up and waddled over to see what I wanted!

They were so adorable!  Mark glanced at me a look that warned Don’t even *think* about it!  and I handed over my uneaten french fries to him.  I felt so bad….***until***………..I remembered my little bucket of cracked corn in the back of the truck!  I hopped out the door and scooped up a cupful of corn.

 As I walked over, the ducks had moved away from the truck, but those bold and irritating gulls kept swarming around.  I walked over to the ducks and they were about to hightail it until I offered the corn in a cup in front of me.  That piqued their curiosity and they gathered near.  I threw the corn in small handfuls to them and they were so delighted!  The gulls continued to hang above me as though suspended on invisible lines, but I shooed them away and surprisingly,they left the ducks alone to nibble contentedly on the treat of cracked corn.

As I was watching the ducks,  I noticed one that was limping so badly on its left leg.  Mark had pointed it out earlier to me….it had flown off into the water, then slowly moved its way up toward the other ducks, dragging its little bum leg behind.  I gently bent down and scattered corn in front of him and he gobbled as though half-starved.

I noticed that all the male ducks had really dirty heads!  We have had so much rain the past several days,  I guess it was hard for the fellows to keep clean.  I did find one single male who looked so clean, though.  He was nearly spotless!

Note the contrast between the dirty duck in the foreground and “Mr. Clean” in the back!

I could have sat enjoying the company of my little feathered friends for a long time, but I had a couple of trash bags full of water bottles and soda cans that needed to be returned to the store.  We hopped on over to Wegman’s and I returned all the cans and bottles.  We then relaxed….Mark had my netbook and he was browsing the web.  Perhaps I was feeling so peaceful from the combination of a full belly and the visit with the ducks, but I found myself dozing off, but alert enough to answer Mark when he talked to me. It was so difficult answering him, but I didn’t want him to think I was asleep….well, he did figure it out!

The weather was much warmer and drier than the past few days,  and the sunshine made me overheated, so we went on over to WalMart for a bit.  I needed a few things for supper, so I shopped there.  By the time I came out, we needed to head over to the college to pick the kids up. 

There is a huge helmet store located on our way home and Mark has been wanting to purchase helmets for himself and me for a long time.  We stopped by and I tried on at least ten or so!  I was having a hard time finding a good fit as I have a small head.  Mark found a helmet he liked, but was a bit on the undecided side.  Now, we have been to this store so many times, I was not wanting to go one more time.  I had a choice of three helmets, so I picked the one that Ben really liked on me.  I grabbed the one for me and one for Mark and headed to the checkout.  The store had already closed, so I wanted to get out!  Ah, one more thing to tick of on the (endless!!!!) check list!

We came home and I started some steaks on the grill.  Ben tended them for me, and I got some sweet potato fries into the oven, then made spinach dip for some corn chips I bought.   I fried some red peppers and onions in a little butter, then added the steaks Ben cooked (to perfection, I might add!).  I cut open two small sub roll sized french breads we bought yesterday at Sam’s Club and placed some pepper jack cheese on them. 

By the time I had done all this, I was so sleepy,  I headed upstairs to rest!  Michelle put the subs together and got everything assembled for dinner.  I skipped dinner, but was told it was really good.

Tomorrow, we are expected at Mark’s mom’s.  Ben will work with Mark on finishing the wall where Ben put up cement board and I need to (hopefully) sand the steps and railing on the sun deck and prime them.  I will paint them with their finish coat another day.

As I said, our days have been so busy.  We still have many things to do at home before it gets cold, but October is generally a fairly mild month.

A Cool Find, Even in the Wet Dreary Weather

I am always looking at our maple trees, as those nasty gypsy moth caterpillars seem to favor them at one stage or another in their life process.  They make a little cocoon and cause the leaves curl up…infuriating me, to be sure.  There are times when I wish the DEC would just spray and eradicate those nasty buggers all together! Every spring, I feel a sense of anxiety building, wondering how the leaf canopy will be destroyed.  Ah well, ’nuff said.

As I was walking the Scottie boys down the driveway today,  I looked up at a young maple and felt my blood once again boiling as I spotted what looked like a communal cocoon!  Argh!

I reached up into the tree branch and slowly lowered it down to eye level.  What I saw was not a cocoon at all.

What I was looking at was a tiny nest!

The maple leaf to the left was rather small….perhaps only two and a half inches across. This gives a good idea of the size of this little nest, as does this….

I thought this was a hummingbird nest,  but it is far too large for that! I am thinking this is probably a little wren’s nest.  Whatever the case, what a lovely  find this was on such a damp and dreary day! Now I will wait until spring, seeing just who moves into this sweet little home!

Our weather has been very wet.  The ground is so waterlogged, it is like walking on a sponge-water just oozes out around one’s shoe as it squishes no matter how lightly one treads! The good news is that even in the drenching rains, we closed the pool securely for another winter.  What a relief to have that done.  The leaves were beginning to fall into it and they make a terrible mess! Although our weather forecast originally called for clearing skies tomorrow, the blues skies have now been pushed back (or is it forward) until Friday! Well, here’s to brighter skies! (Oh, and not to worry….I am so totally enjoying this weather…doing [endless] laundry, reading a book, and not feeling the least bit guiltyabout it!)