If This Doesn’t Make You Smile….

what will?

I thought this pair of pumpkins had been artfully carved, but after photographing them, I realized they are not the genuine article after all! Aw well, they are cute anyway!

In yesterday’s entry, I alluded to the fact that the skies were changing even as I was out on my litle photo-taking adventure.  I will show the last of the photos from that trip.

Bill had commented on the descriptive Lake to Lake Road from yesterday’s post.  Yes, this really is a road that runs east and west between Canandaigua Lake and Seneca Lake.  I love traveling down that road as it is so pretty and offers some spectacular views.  I was heading west back to Canandaigua on it and decided to travel all the way to Canandaigua Lake. 

I passed by a small swimming area and noticed a large flock of Canada Geese rising and falling up and down like a fisherman’s bobber!  Of course I had to stop. The lake was an awesome shade of blue, reflecting the sky,  but as a weather front was moving in,  the wind was so strong, it was all I could do to hold the camera somewhat steady!

I hopped on over to the Dollar Tree to grab a few little articles we needed.  I’m not sure how long I was in the store, but the skies transformed in a short time from crystal blue to dark gray!  I happened to catch the weather front in my rear view mirror.

That almost looks fake, doesn’t it?

Well, as I stated yesterday, like all good things, my fabulous little journey had to come to an end.  Responsibilities do call.  My last photo is located just a short distance from our house…..Suffice it to say this one is simply a vineyard clothed in its autumn attire!