Country Roads and Barns

As Michelle and I were traveling toward Canandaigua,  I just had to pull over off the road to take a quick photo of this particular barn.  Everything was so perfect, after all. The lighting.  The colors of the trees.  I love this falling down barn. It is along Route 21 and this road is so narrow, there is little allowance for stopping.  Since it is a major road leading to Canandaigua from the south,  it is heavily traveled and vehicles rarely go slowly.  Thus, I was thrilled we were early enough in the morning that I was able to stop even momentarily.

After dropping Michelle off at school, I decided to take a drive east.  Oh my, to say the sun was brilliant is a major understatement!

Uh, that shot was made entirely with the camera propped on the dashboard!  I merely snapped! In order to get to the farming communities, I needed to travel along some interesting roads!

Of course, all along the roads I journeyed on,  there were orange orbs of all sizes and shapes! There were also signs selling said decorations. I really like this next photo, as the sun was playing so brilliantly on the leaves on the trees.

As I drove by, it seems many barns were the new lower variety instead of the two-story gambrel style. I thought this barn was incredible.  Do you think the animals seriously enjoy the view?

Well, perhaps the farmer does as well, since the barn seems to be missing generous portions of its sides! (Nice gate, though!)

At one point,  I saw a large truck coming out of a field;  it was a truck that carries large quantities of product and apparently, it was loaded with corn.  The corn that fell off was lying in a thick line across the road.

I was enjoying this little excursion so much.  It is rare that I take the time to wander off by myself with no agenda.  I saw all kinds of farm machinery and cattle and views so awesome, there is no adjective colorful enough to descibe them.

I did begin to wander back home since Ben had an early afternoon music class at the college.   This barn isn’t too far from home…

And although this is not a barn, I have often pondered  where I might find the story behind it.

What a cool trip out this was.   The autumn rays from Mr. Sun were just perfect for shooting colorful photos.  As I drove home, however, the skies changed from bright and sunny to foreboding!  By the time I got home,  there were raindrops scattered over the windshield!

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  1. Love those photos!
    As for whether the animals enjoy their spectacular view, you know what “they” say…We travel the world to see the sights, but we don’t appreciate the beauty in our own backyard.

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